Nothing will last unless it has a strong foundation… Let me explain to you why you should build your workout base on the 500 rep workout platform.

The main reason why we all have difficulty maintaining a healthy exercise lifestyle is because we have absolutely no foundation when it comes to knowing how to exercise. Some days we do certain exercises, other days we do that many reps, and other days we try new workouts or experiment with new machines. Many of us go to the gym and just pick whatever exercise we feel like doing and perform as many reps as we want for that particular day. At the end of the exercise, we can’t really tell if it was a good workout or a waste of time. The week ends and we wonder if our efforts worth it.

For many years as a trainer, I struggled to find ways to push my clients to reasonable limits. While working with them, I could tell whether or not they had a good workout, but it was hard to explain how they could tell when training by themselves. Here lies the beauty of the 500 Rep Workout.

Before going into this workout you have a goal. 500 Reps. With this foundation, you can completely choose how to get there. It’s like traveling. There is a defined destination, but you can get there by plane, boat, train, car or walk…

With the 500 Rep Workout you can choose one of the many workouts available from the Exercise Menu, or you can easily design your own. If you only want to do five exercises, do 100 reps of each. If you want to add more variation to your workouts, choose 10 exercises with 50 reps each. If you are in great shape, you can increase the weight you use to build muscle, or perform the exercises faster with fewer rest breaks to build endurance. Either way, this workout can be tailored to your needs.

Further, you can easily monitor your progress with the 500 Rep Workout. Not only should you record the exercises you do and the weight you use, you can time your workouts! If you do Workout A in 24 minutes one week, you should try to beat this time next week. Seeing your improvement can be encouraging as you meet your challenges.

If you can’t do 500 reps, it’s okay! Do as many as you can, and try to do more the next time around!

Finally, you can post your scores below and share with the Exercise Community, or on Facebook. Even better, if you record your scores on the site, you will always be able to reference them the next time you visit a particular workout.

Make the 500 Rep Workout YOUR workout three times per week and you will reach your maximum fitness.

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