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4 Reasons Why You Should Do a 500 Rep Workout

Not yet convinced that the 500 rep workout is for you? Give me a chance to sell you a good workout plan with 4 reasons why you should make the 500 rep workout the base of your resistance training foundation!

20-Minute Hurricane Evacuation Total Body Workout Routine

Don't allow stress to seep into your psyche during a hurricane evacuation! Try this "no equipment required" 20-minute total body circuit workout routine that you can do no matter where you evacuate.

250 Rep Upper Body Workout Routine

A quick, complete 250 rep upper body workout routine that will target and tone the muscles in your upper body.

A Simple Interval Training Cardio Workout Routine

Now that research is supporting the utility of interval training for cardiovascular exercise, learn a simple interval training workout that you can perform for optimal aerobic fitness.

How to Beat Temptation When Improving Your Lifestyle Habits

Need a few tools to help you to get through those tempting situations where eating and drinking freely is almost inevitable? Follow these tips to help you stay on track with your lifestyle habit improvements!

Resistance Bands: The Key to Simple, Effective Muscle Building

Phil Hitchcock, a Tulane University School of Medicine student, teaches you the proper way to exercise with a resistance band workout routine designed to build muscle, strength and improve endurance.

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