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500 Rep Legs and Abs Workout Routine

Today's 500 Rep Legs and Abs Workout Routine is designed to build endurance and increase strength in your legs and abs, the foundation of your body. Without strong legs and abs, you are limited in what you can lift with your upper body. Strong legs and abs help you to build a firm base that will not only keep your legs and back healthy, but will also help to support anything that you do with your arms. Finally, regularly performing [...]

7 Daily Astonishing Habits to Push You Past Your Limits

It's amazing how "locked in" we are as humans. Our capabilities and spiritual power are endless, but we live each day significantly restrained. We are restrained by fear, time, influences, habits, other people and family pressures. Our restraints truly have a weight-like character that holds us down to prevent us from reaching our full potential. Each day we only have a few true responsibilities — stay intimately connected with our spirit, nourish our relationships, and care for our bodies.  If there [...]

Should You Run With Knee Osteoarthritis?

Can running or jumping worsen knee osteoarthritis? Find out how to exercise within your limitations.

Vitamin D, A Must For Winter Months

Vitamin D supplementation in northern cities during cold weather months may be necessary for long-term health! See if supplementation makes sense for you.

Simple 100 (Okay 99) Crunches Workout Routine

A quick, effective way to perform a variable abdominal workout with the simple ab crunch exercise!

Exercises You Can Do Easily at Work: 20-Minute Workout for the Office

You have some down time in your office, want to workout, but don't have exercise equipment and really don't want to sweat. You are thinking about all the chores you have to do when you get home, and figure than now is the perfect time for a workout for the office. The Centers for Disease Control States that you can break up your workout into 10-minute intervals throughout the day. Further, your 10-minute bout may give you immediate benefit up [...]

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