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Pyramid Workout Routine for Your Total Legs and Lower Body

The pyramid workout routine for your legs is one of the most efficient lower body workouts you will ever do, particularly to build endurance. The pyramid workout for your legs is not only a resistance workout, but the high rep nature of this workout routine will also get your heart beating, which makes this a cardiovascular workout also! Remember that the key to building muscle and improving endurance is to exercise until fatigue. This quick paced workout will get you [...]

Benefits of Swimming to Save Your Joints and Your Health!

Amanda Salzman, M.D., urologist and former world-class swimmer representing Canada explains the benefits of swimming for your mind, body and overall health!

The New Orleans “Who Dat?” Workout

Who dat? is an English idiom originating from New Orleans for over a century. - Wikipedia Of course, if you are unfamiliar with this "idiom," the New Orleans Saints fans chant "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?" is emphatically yelled during football games to remind opponents that it is a clear challenge to overcome the New Orleans Saints team and the Who Dat Nation. To clarify the meaning of this chant — "Who Dat?" [...]

What is Fitness? Clarifying the Meaning of Physical Fitness

Defining Fitness Fitness- a term thrown around freely with no concrete definition. Is it a group of health measurements, such as weight, body composition, VO2 Max, heart rate, running speed and jumping height? What about defining it as a state of health free of disease? How about an endpoint you can claim after completing a challenging exercise program? What is fitness exactly? "What is Fitness" from Google: fit·ness/ˈfitnis/ Noun: The condition of being physically fit and healthy. The quality of [...]

250/500 Rep Lower Body Endurance Builder Workout

Lower body endurance health is undoubtedly a staple component of being fit. Unless you are specifically working out your upper body, lower body endurance is important for many sports and fuels common cardiovascular exercise including running, jogging, swimming, biking, etc. Therefore, you must supplement your other activities with a workout routine that will help you improve the endurance of your lower body. Not only will you be able to last longer with these activities, you will considerably reduce your chance [...]

How to Lose 3 Pounds in 10 Days: Quick Weight Loss Plan

There is an upcoming party, visiting family member, or a reunion and you want to look a little better before your event. You have a week and a half to lose some weight and you want to do it fast, and the right way. Because you are very intelligent, you decide to avoid starvation, fad diets, and exercise plans. In order to accomplish your healthy goal of losing three pounds in 10 days, you remember that calories in – calories [...]

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