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Healthy Pantry Food and Ingredient Checklist, For Print and Download

The key to eating right is to make sure you have a healthy food pantry in your house, and to keep unhealthy foods out. Think about it, if you are passing the bag of chips and box of cookies every time you pass through the kitchen, the temptation will catch you sooner or later. Therefore, make life easy for yourself and your family in advance with a healthy food pantry. Follow the healthy food pantry checklist, created by nutrition specialist and [...]

How to Handle Lazy Workout Days

No equipment needed! This is how your plate should look in your mind! Visit Learn a workout routine you can perform without getting off the couch. How to Handle Lazy Workout Days We have all been there, and will all be there again! That lazy day will come when you just aren't feelin' that workout kick. One of my primary goals in this 30-Day Fitness Challenge is to teach you workout routines that are convenient. [...]

The Best Exercises For Older People

The best exercises for older people must be convenient and as simple as possible. However, when it comes to exercising, you have to do what is best for you body, no matter your age. It just so happens that older adults may be slightly more limited in the types of exercises that can be performed secondary to medical problems or joint pain. It's a fact of life that metabolism slows and pain can increase because of age. However, there are [...]

20-Minute Workout for SORE Abs!!!

I woke up this morning and tried to roll out of bed, and couldn't!!! Oh my goodness, my abs and back were so sore this morning and it has been a little while since I've been this sore... It's all thanks to a new 20-minute workout for SORE abs that I put together recently. The one thing I tried differently for this 20-minute workout for SORE abs was to perform a light ab workout exercise, followed by a more intense couple [...]

Get Smart and Exercise… Literally!!!

The many benefits of regular exercise seem endless. To add, new research out of the University of Michigan supports another benefit to regular exercise — improved memory. The study, which appears in Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience, assessed the memory capacity of 75 college students, who were thought to be healthy. Over a two-day period, the students were asked to memorize two word pairings, which they were asked to recall the next day. Their level of fitness was assessed with a treadmill test; [...]

Two Lifestyle Changes That Will Save Time and Boost Health

If you could buy another hour for each day, how much would you pay for it? Personally, I would definitely pay a premium price for another hour each day. Think about all of the things that could be accomplished with an extra hour! An extra hour could be used to sleep in, meditate, study, read, spend time with family or complete items off of the never-ending task list. Unless we can somehow alter the Earth's speed of rotation, an extra [...]

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