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Valentine’s Day: Get a Date Circuit Workout!

Tonight is a big night! You and your yours have plans at a local restaurant, may catch a movie or spend the evening at a relaxing bar or jazz club. Good food is on the menu tonight, no matter what. You want to get your workout in, so you look your best for your date, but are pressed for time. Well, here is the perfect workout to prepare you for a fun and relaxing evening. Give yourself 15 minutes before [...]

Tick Tock Challenge Workout Routine: 600 Reps!

Today, we are going to pick up the pace with a Challenge workout routine. Challenge workouts are ones in which you are presented with a few exercises and you have to do them all as quickly as you can. Record your time for the Tick Tock Challenge Workout and try to beat it next time you do the same workout. These are fun to do, time-saving and improve both cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Post your time below and see how [...]

Slow-Pace Shoulder Workout Routine

The Slow-Pace Shoulder Workout Routine is designed to help you to increase the size of the muscles in your shoulders. Remember, changing up the types of workouts you do will help your muscles grow faster and stronger. Slow-paced shoulder movements in particular, require endurance, coordination and core strength. Slow movements have actually been shown to build muscle better than faster movements. If you think about it, moving slowly causes you to expend force to a weight over a longer period [...]

1500 Reps A Week To Your Perfect Physique

1500 reps per week WILL give you your perfect physique. "An apple a day to keep the doctor away..." is a catchy phrase that makes apples seem a lot healthier. Growing up, I did not understand the benefits of vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. but knew that if I ate my apples I wouldn't get sick. A that point, nothing else mattered. I often write of the many different workout fads, equipment and new research about what works best, but I [...]

Weekend Recovery Exercises: 20-Minute Circuit Workout

You had fun last night, no matter what you did. Maybe you went out with friends, had a romantic dinner or watched a good movie, but you surely relieved your stress that built up all week and reconnected your close relationships. That's all good, but if you are like me, you may have reconnected with a few extra calories too. Well, use this 20-minute circuit workout to cash in a few calories today. Remember, you continue to burn calories even [...]

Does Grapefruit Affect Norvasc (Amlodipine)?

Grapefruit juice is known to interact with many different types of medications, from anti-anxiety drugs to statins. Specifically, grapefruit juice inhibits the CYP3A4 system of the cytochrome P45o liver enzymes, which metabolize many ingested foods and substances. Because grapefruit juice inhibits this pathway, the concentration of these substances increases in the blood stream. Norvasc, and other calcium-channel blockers is metabolized via this similar CYP3A4 pathway. Therefore, one would theorize that grapefruit juice would cause an increase in the effects of [...]

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