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Cold Weather Exercise: Tips to Get Past Workout Blues

It is hard for me to accomplish cold weather exercise... Even worse, I feel completely justified when cold temperatures are my excuse to skip a workout routine because there is nothing I can do about it! Only God has control of the weather... Pretty sad, huh? Cold weather exercise, for some reason, is extremely difficult for me. When it's cold, I want to do nothing more than take a warm shower, put on sweat pants and a thermal, and chill [...]

Important Back Exercises for Back Pain

Learning the most important back exercises for a strong, healthy back will change your life because few things are worse than an achy back... Sleeping is tough, activity is impossible, and it is hard to continue enjoying the things you used to. Your spine is the central structure that supports most of your body weight from your waist up. In addition, many pelvic and leg muscles are anchored to your spine to allow for lower body movement. Because of these [...]

Jamie Meeks: Interview With LSU Athletics Sports Nutritionist

Jamie Meeks, LSU Sports Nutritionist Jamie Meeks, R.D, is the sports nutrition coordinator for the LSU Athletics Department. She is LSU's first staff Sports Nutritionist, and has been a pioneer in providing nutrition counseling and healthy meal plans for LSU athletes. The importance of nutrition in sport is often understated and poorly understood.In addition, the role of supplements and vitamins to achieve optimal fitness is also frequently misunderstood. In this interview, Jamie provides excellent insight on how we [...]

The Zen Workout Routine

Meditate and perform and resistance training workout routine at the same time to work your spirit and physical muscles at the same time!

10-Minute Ab Workout for Women

Learn how to squeeze in a quick 10-minute ab workout! FACT: Most of your "ab workout" is put into what you eat. It doesn't matter how many exercises you do, if you are not cutting back on your calories, you will not have a tight mid-section. Every woman needs a convenient, 10-minute ab workout routine. Commitments at certain times can be simply too overwhelming to take the time for a full ab workout. The good news [...]

Biceps Burner Pyramid Workout Routine

We all have goals when we approach a workout routine. While it is best to stay diverse and work different muscle groups each time you exercise, focused work is important too. Today, your focus is on your biceps. When you are getting "sized up" the first thing people will likely notice is the level of muscle tone in your arms, with the most prominent muscle being the biceps. This Biceps Burner Pyramid Workout Routine focuses primarily on using every molecule [...]

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