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Focused Abs, Core and Back Workout Routine

Dumbbells Ab Mat Eating healthy or losing weight is based on knowing the right number of calories for you. Determine how many calories you should be eating. Strong abs and back are keep to preventing and treating most types of back pain. Perfect an efficient core muscle workout routine. According to the National Institutes of Health, 8 out of 10 people will have significant back pain at some point in life --- and I [...]

Post-Workout Recovery and the FAST PACE Workout

Stopwatch Pedometer (optional) Determine your proper weight to prevent disease. Let's ask Dr. Gourmet how. Results come from proper rest and recovery, not just the workout. Perfect the Exercise Menu FAST PACE Workout Post-Workout Recovery You spend 20 minutes or so each day to get fit. Well, what happens during the other 23 hours and 40 minutes until your next workout? Post-workout recovery! In fact, the most important part of your workout [...]

Learning How To Workout Without Equipment

None! Master your dinner choices with these tips. If you can just do 5-10 minutes of exercise a day, it's much better than nothing! Learn how to workout on the spot, without equipment. Learning how to workout without equipment is a valuable skill you must learn early while you are developing your exercise habit. I tell ya, every day you can find a reason not to workout. You can blame a full gym, a [...]

Introducing the Exercise Menu FAST PACE Workout Routine

Good ole' running clothes Stopwatch Pedometer (optional) Sandwiches and salads at lunch are key to weight loss. Find out why! Stay hydrated during your workout to improve your energy and recovery. Master the FAST PACE Workout Routine. Today, we are going to focus on building the foundation for developing a healthy habit of regular cardiovascular exercise. I’m going to be honest with you. For much of my life, cardiovascular exercise always took a back [...]

Your First Workout Routine

Dumbbells Ab Mat Commit to at least doing the first exercise of each workout and you will most likely complete the entire session. Never skip breakfast! Learn what makes a healthy breakfast. Be open-minded when trying new exercises It is always exciting when you step up to your first workout routine and form a new habit! You are here and ready to go, and I wanted to first thank you for the opportunity to [...]

500 Rep Upper Body “Get Cut” Workout Routine

Get cut now with this 500 rep upper body workout routine designed to help you build muscle and burn fat in your upper body to give you a more "cut" look!

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