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The Best Techniques to Optimize Your Post-Exercise Recovery

Nothing beats rest, adequate hydration and healthy food for optimal post-exercise recovery... The majority of your exercise benefits are not attained during your workout, but during the post-exercise recovery period. There is no doubt that you are putting your body through significant strain during a workout session. The basic principle of exercise is to stress your body and damage muscle so that it repairs itself to a point better than it was before. Failing to understand the importance of post-exercise [...]

Spot Reduction: Can Crunches Burn Belly Subcutaneous Fat?

Q: How many crunches does it take to burn one pound of subcutaneous fat? Is spot reduction possible? A: It's a question like the old commercial "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?" Much less than the number of crunches it takes to lose one pound of belly fat... There is a common misconception that doing a lot of crunches can cause you to burn subcutaneous fat, which is the fat [...]

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How to Rehabilitate A Broken Leg (Tibia/Fibula Fracture)

Successful rehabilitation from a broken leg, or tibia/fibula fracture, involves several key, but simple components: 1) Do everything your doctor asks you to do and don't do anything without making sure it is okay. Particularly in the early stages of healing your bone is still fragile and the body is busy with the healing process. Jumping into intense exercise early may cause a misalignment of the bone, or affect surgical fixation. Therefore, follow the rehabilitation timeline that your physician spells out. [...]

When is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Q: When is the best time of the day to exercise and does it really matter? A: I have been asked this question during many personal training sessions and seminars that I have lead. After following the research for years regarding this topic, there has been no hard evidence that exercising at a certain time of day was particularly better for you. However, more recent research is making stronger recommendations on the best time of day to exercise. According to [...]

How to Run With Radiculitis/Sciatica

Running with radiculitis can be challenging. Radiculitis occurs because a nerve originating from your neck or back is irritated as it exits your spine and runs down your arm or leg, according to Spine Centers of America. Most commonly lumbar, or low back, radiculitis affects runners. Symptoms include numbness, burning, tingling sensations that radiate down the leg and may be accompanied with muscle weakness. You must get clearance to run from your physician to make sure you will not further [...]

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