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Hip Osteoarthritis? Exercise to Reduce Pain!

One out of ten adults are suffering with osteoarthritis of the hip. Symptoms can be mild, mostly consisting of night pain, or pain can be more intense and debilitating. Because no cure exists, symptoms are managed with medications, injections and maybe even surgery. However, exercise therapy has consistently been shown to delay the progression of osteoarthritis of the hip, which can allow you to have a more normal life, according to this study. The Study Physicians in this Dutch [...]

500 Rep Multi-Joint Calorie Burn Workout Routine

If you want to burn calories with a resistance training calorie burn workout routine, your best bet is to choose exercises that involve large muscle groups and multiple joints at the same time. Combine that with a 500 rep workout routine foundation and you have the perfect formula for a workout routine that will build muscle and help you lose fat quickly. Top your 500 rep workout routine off with a lean diet rich in fruits, vegetables, protein, complex carbohydrates [...]

The Plateau Effect is Why You Are Not Getting Stronger

One of the most frustrating feelings is to finally be 100% dedicated to your workout routines and you are not getting stronger anymore! You are hitting the weights 2-3 times per week and knocking out 2-3 FAST PACE workouts each week, and still no improvement. Appreciating the fact that you aren't getting weaker or gaining weight, identifying reasons that you are not getting stronger is a must. The plateau effect is knocking on your door... If you are unfamiliar with [...]

Are Health and Fitness Activity Monitors Worth It?

Wearable electronic monitoring devices are amazingly popular these days. In the "old days" pedometers would mostly (inaccurately) monitor how many steps you took to provide some feedback regarding your levels of physical activity. Today, there are more fitness monitoring devices than you can imagine. Cell phones now even have the capability of providing activity feedback. But is all of this technology worth it? According to researchers at the University of Texas Branch at Galveston, the answer is a profound YES! Not [...]

20-Minute Monday Total Body Circuit Workout Routine

Dumbbells Ab Mat Are all fats bad for you? What you need to know about fats. Taking the first step at the beginning of the week is great motivation and key to consistency. Taking the first step at the beginning of the week is great motivation and key to consistency. Perfect the "Back and Forth Lunge" exercise technique. You Can't Be Consistent Without Starting... "I will start Monday..." How many times have we heard this, [...]

A “Must See” Running Mechanics Video

As I begin my training for the next 10K race that I am jumping into, I wanted to refresh my running mechanics skills so I can be sure to perfect these skills on race day. I have come across bits and pieces of "good" running mechanics information over the years, but have to say the video embedded below by QT2systems.com is the best to date. Not only is it concise, the video clearly explains a few major techniques you should [...]

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