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How to Lose Weight: 8 Best Resistance Exercises for Fat Loss

Cardiovascular exercise (AKA Fast Pace) is the best method for losing weight. Cardiovascular exercise causes you to burn calories at a high rate, particularly when you exercise at a high intensity. However, resistance exercise, or weight training, can also contribute to weight loss. When you lift weights you burn calories during the actual exercise. Resistance training also builds muscle mass, which also burns calories in the resting state! Therefore, increasing your muscle mass will increase your metabolism and help you [...]

Office Workout – Twelve Minute Exercise Plan

Recent research has shown that as little as 15 minutes of exercise per day can significantly reduce your risk for chronic disease and cancer. The more you perform, the lower your overall risk. Why not knock out 12 of your 15 minutes of daily exercise at work with an office workout routine! This twelve minute office workout is a power circuit that involves six exercises that you will perform for 30 seconds each for two cycles. Your Office Workout Routine [...]

Healthy Meals: If That Food Were A Vitamin, Would You Eat it?

When it comes to taking vitamins and medications, we want to be sure that we take the best available product on the market. We will pay good money to get the best multivitamin, blood pressure lowering medication or diabetes drug. We shy away from generic, or cheap brands and choose the name-brand package because we are sure that it will work best. Well, why don't we do the same thing with food? When it comes to food, we are not [...]

500 Rep Washboard Ab Workout!

Washboard Ab Workout Story The other day may washing machine broke, and the next day I had a big meeting in which I absolutely had to look my nicest. Unfortunately, all of my nice clothes were dirty and it was after 5pm so the cleaners was closed. I was in complete panic, as the malls and stores were also closed. Fortunately, I had been performing the 500 rep Washboard Workout, and it hit me... I can just wash clothes [...]

How to Lose Weight Successfully: Timothy French’s Weight Loss Statistics and Testimonial

Statistics Don't Weight to Lose Body Compositions: Body Comp Date Weight (lbs) Waist (in) Body Fat % Trunk Fat % DWTL 3/4/2009 First Program 3/17/2009 302.6 51.5 41.5 46.9 DWTL 1/16/2010 Second Program 1/30/2010 267.8 49 38.9 41.8 DWTL Tulane Health fair 3/21/2010 250 47 35.8 39.1 DWTL 9/18/2010 Third Program 10/16/2010 219.8 40.5 28.2 32 Annual Physical and blood work: Date Weight BP Triglycerides Total Cholesterol HDL LDL Sep-08 295 120/76 224 221 44 132 Aug-09 300 112/84 141 [...]

Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: How to Get Good Results!

Summer 2010 was full of events and positive feedback. My annual physical in July showed amazing improvements in my blood work. I was able to participate in cycling and trained for the MS150 ride. I’ve not participated in this event since 2001. I believe that now I am in the best physical shape in the four years I’ve participated in the 150 mile ride to benefit multiple sclerosis. I did not realize how much I had stopped participating [...]

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