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Are You Meditating and Resting Properly?

A place to sit comfortably in silence Meditation should be done daily! Is alcohol good for you? See what the experts say. 10 minutes of meditation   Why You Really Should Meditate Daily For the majority of my life, I was an active person. As a child I played almost every sport and began lifting weights at the age of 11. I was a leader in my high school gym and choose [...]

Perfecting Your Running and Sprinting Technique and Sprint Workout

Running Shoes Workout Clothes Eat the right kind of meat to stay healthy. Find out which ones are good for you. The biggest mistake that runners make is that they think about running in miles. Running should be about minutes... Intense minutes... Improve upon your running and sprinting technique. Perfecting Your Running and Sprinting Technique A runner's technique is quite often overlooked, unfortunately. Many of us write off our running technique as we would, [...]

Before a Date Weekend Workout Routine!

Dumbbells Ab Mat Learn which fats and oils are good for you. Staying fit is about balance... Work hard, rest easy! Learn which exercises you should do towards the end of your fitness week. Planning a Before a Date Weekend Workout Routine One of the main teaching points that you should get out of this  is that fitness is about balance, more than anything else. If you think about it, people who choose the extreme [...]

No Excuse 10-20-30 Cardio Workout Routine

Running Shoes Workout Clothes You must use this diet plan  as a long-term solution to healthy eating and weight loss. Regular exercise can add 5 years to your life! Improve upon your 10-20-30 interval running technique. Overcoming Excuses Today, I want to add some mental tools to your "Healthy Lifestyle Toolbox" to help you get past those days were working out can seem tough. (Or you may just begin to look like that couch potato pictured [...]

Taking a Break From Exercise and Working Out

Couch A good movie! You must keep a food diary when trying to lose weight. Learn why it's important! Rest is just as important as your workout! Workout today? Nah... The Importance of Taking a Break for Exercise Recovery The second most important aspect to reaching your fitness goals is to allow yourself time to rest and recover after your week of committed exercise. Typically, I limit resistance training to 3 times [...]

Guide to Performing Suicide Sprints

Good ole' running clothes Stopwatch Learn the best way to lose weight! Dr. Gourmet explains. If you get your heart rate up for a few minutes each day, that is WAAAYYYY better than not raising your heart rate at all. Learn how to perform Suicide Sprints. Hopefully you are getting the gist that I am not a big fan of spending more time than is necessary to get in a good workout routine. [...]

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