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How to Lose 3 Pounds in 10 Days: Quick Weight Loss Plan

There is an upcoming party, visiting family member, or a reunion and you want to look a little better before your event. You have a week and a half to lose some weight and you want to do it fast, and the right way. Because you are very intelligent, you decide to avoid starvation, fad diets, and exercise plans. In order to accomplish your healthy goal of losing three pounds in 10 days, you remember that calories in – calories [...]

Overtraining Fatigue Syndrome Signs and Symptoms

Q: What are signs and symptoms of overtraining fatigue syndrome? A: Overtaining fatigue syndrome is a recognized medical condition in which exercising too much can actually do your body more harm than good. It's great that you are motivated to workout hard to achieve your goals, but there is a fine line between dedicated intense training and overtraining. Crossing it can set you back a few weeks because you may cause chronic injuries, chronic fatigue or both. Overtraining fatigue syndrome [...]

One Month Upper Body Workout Plan for strong Arms!

Your upper body is made to be toned and muscular. Period. There is nothing more attractive than someone who noticeably takes care of his or her body, and the first thing most notice is your upper body physique. In addition to improving your attractiveness, the One Month Upper Body Workout Plan will increase the muscle strength in your upper body to help you better perform daily functions. Wouldn't you like to save a few trips to and from the car when [...]

Why Low Calorie Diets are an Ineffective Way to Lose Weight

As frustrating as weight loss can already be, low calorie diets are not the answer to losing fat. Many diet programs exist that recommend an extremely low calorie intake to lose fat. To keep things in perspective, the average amount of calories a woman should eat per day is 2,000 and a man 2,500. Low calorie diets recommend a caloric intake around 1500 calories and lower for women and 1800 calories and lower for men. Low calorie diets that offer [...]

Common Training Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Training Mistakes Common training mistakes plague us all at some point in our exercise lives. Whether we are training for the championship football game or trying to beat our personal best for a walk/run race, we all make certain common training mistakes that prevent us from meeting our potential. Ironically, the common training mistakes that we make, we do because we think certain methods will help to improve our performance. Well, if you are a victim to one of [...]

Master Exercise Consistency for a Lifetime of Fitness

Master Exercise Consistency You have been hot lately! For some time, your exercise consistency has been so top notch that you were sure that in about a year or so, your local public broadcasting station would send you an invite to be a background exerciser on their next fitness show! You lost weight, you look good and feel excellent. Exercise consistency- a problem of the past. But... (There always is a "but" in exercise...) You missed a day because some [...]

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