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How to Perform the Walking Lunge

  Muscles Worked: Lower extremity, focus on quadriceps. Starting Position Start with your feet together. If you want to use dumbells, hold them in your hands with your palms facing your thighs. Action INHALE: Perform a lunge with one leg. Make sure that your knee is not past your ankle. EXHALE:Instead of returning to the starting position, bring your other foot even with the one that just completed the lunge. Tips MAKE SURE THAT YOUR FRONT KNEE DOES NOT GO [...]

How to Perform the One Leg Calf Raise

The One Leg Calf Raise is an exercise you should be familiar with at this point in your advanced-level training. To perform this exercise you will need a wall or stair. Hold the wall or stair rail to help you maintain your balance. Take the foot that you're not exercising and place it behind the knee of the leg that you are exercising.   With the foot that you are exercising, stand up on your toes so that your heel [...]

How to Perform the Calf Raise

How to Perform Calf Raises Background: The gastroc and soleus muscles or your "calves" are the strongest pound for pound muscle in your body. Just think — that small muscle in the back of your leg will support 100% of your bodyweight as you stand on your toes on one foot. Therefore, in order to keep these muscles strong and healthy, you have to exercise them. What better way than to perform the Calf Raise exercise. Muscles Worked: Calves Starting [...]

How to Perform the Back and Forth Lunge

Background: The Back and Forth Lunge is a variation of the classic Lunge exercise. The Back and Forth Lunge, in particular, can help you improve your balance because it can be difficult to alternate lunging backwards and forwards without shaking. This exercise is just as effective as the Lunge with the added benefit of working on balance. Muscles Worked: Glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, core muscles. Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold your hands comfortably to your [...]

How to Perform the Upright Row with a Barbell

How to Perform the Upright Row Background: The Upright Row with a Barbell is another classic upper body exercise that targets muscles in  your neck, shoulders and chest. Performing this exercise regularly may help any neck pain that you are experiencing, because the Upright Row is an excellent exercise that you can perform regularly to improve your posture. Muscles Worked: Shoulders, triceps, chest. Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the barbell in front of [...]

How to Perform the Sit Up Boxer

How to Perform the Sit Up Boxer Starting Position You will need a mat or carpet for this exercise. Sitdown on the mat with the back of your heels touching the ground. Make two fist as if you are getting ready to box... Which you are... Action INHALE: Lean back with your upper body until the upper part of your back touches the floor (under shoulder blades.) EXHALE:Sit back up to the starting position. Make sure your heels don't [...]

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