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How to Schedule Exercise Into Your Week

Only 25 percent of Americans meet the daily recommendations for exercise. Thus, one in four of us performs a 20-minute high-intensity cardiovascular workout three days per week, or a 30 minute cardiovascular workout five days per week. One in four of us performs resistance training, or weight-lifting exercises, three days a week. The other 75 percent just can't make the commitment, understandably so. Exercise is another thing to do this week. Another task to complete after work or school, in [...]

“Calories In” Minus “Calories Out” Equals Weight Loss

As much of a proponent I am when it comes to exercise, it's key for people to understand how important nutrition is in the process. It is so easy to consume hundreds of calories in one meal, but not quite as easy to burn calories with exercise. Although the "calories in - calories out = weight loss" equation does involve other complexities, this is the basic point that you must understand to successfully lose weight. Think about it, 10,000 steps [...]

Why Exercise?- Reasons to Begin a Regular Exercise Program

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are looking for motivation to get up NOW and exercise. If only we could program our bodies to feel exercise pangs as we do when we are hungry, then there would not be any problems getting up and exercising. Unfortunately, this doesn’t occur initially. (However, after you maintain frequent exercise, you will probably develop cravings to exercise when your next workout is due.) Here are a few reasons why exercise [...]

30-Day Beginner Fitness Challenge

Get ready for the New Year with the 30-Day Beginner Fitness Challenge! Stay tuned for updates!

Total Body Pyramid Office Workout Routine You Can Do At Work

Perform a Total Body Pyramid Workout Routine during your down time at work! This 15-minute office workout routine will both build muscle and improve your cardio!

How to Make Yourself Workout

Sometimes you just need that additional mental boost to get started with your workout routine. Learn 5 simple tips to help you easily get into your workout routine for the day!

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