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10-Minute Lunge Lower Body Workout Routine

One of the goals of Exercise Menu is to become the niche' site for convenient, effective quick workout routines. The line of thought being that sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to complete a full workout routine. In some cases, you may just not have enough energy or desire to workout! Therefore, we all need that quick 10-minute workout routine that we can perform when we get into a similar bind. Workout routines for your upper body [...]

Lower Body Pyramid Workout Routine

Trying to find a workout that mixes both cardio and resistance training to build strength and endurance? If this is the case, I have a workout routine here that I am sure that you will enjoy. The Lower Body Pyramid Workout Routine was designed with these two training purposes in mind. Because the Lower Body Pyramid Workout Routine involves you performing many repetition, you will improve your endurance similar to a cardio workout. In addition, because you will be moving [...]

What to Eat to Maintain Muscle Mass After Your Workout

You did it! Another one in the books. You may not have wanted to pull it off, but you pushed through your day's fatigue and devoted time to your workout today. The hard part is done! But now that the cells in your body are rejoicing and actively rebuilding, how can you help them build up your muscles better? In addition to rest, you must know what to eat to maintain muscle mass after your workout. What to Eat to [...]

Slow-Paced Posture Improvement Abs Workout Routine

As far as body mechanics are concerned, few things are more important than having good posture. Having good posture involves having enough awareness of your body's posture at any point during the day. In addition, you must have the muscular strength to maintain good posture at all times. For some of us, the lack of awareness, not strength is the reason for poor posture. For others, it is the lack of strength, not so much awareness. For me — both! So, [...]

Slow-Paced Eccentric Movement Lower Body Workout Routine

If you are going to lift weights, there are only two speeds you should use, really fast, or really slow! I know this is really different from what you see in the gym or on television, but the truth is that you get the most endurance benefit from fast (controlled) movements and the most muscle gain from slow movements, particularly with eccentric movements. Eccentric movements describe the movement that lengthens the muscle being worked. For example, when doing a calf [...]

30-Day Women’s Workout Plan to Get Back In Skinny Jeans

You are beautiful! No questions asked. To further your "beautification" process you are looking for a 30-Day Women's workout plan to help you get back in skinny jeans. Well, you came to the right place. Let me tell you why. Not only am I a physician/trainer, but also have amazing women in my life that break things down for me from time to time (ok, frequently!). Every now and then, things happen and we fall off track with our diet [...]

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