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Disabled Sports Resources – Exercise for those with Disabilities

In addition to defending our country, we have our veterans to thank for showing us the benefits of exercise, even with the loss of leg function. Dating back to World War II, veteran’s inspired us with the continual desire to pursue competition in sport with the beginning of organized wheelchair basketball. Teams were first formed in the Veterans Administration Hospitals, which has evolved to form the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. Because of increasing involvement in sports participation, paraplegics are now [...]

The Afterburn Effect: Calories Burn 14 Hours After Vigorous Exercise

Want to know how to workout to lose weight? It's all in the afterburn effect! Put in a dedicated 45 minutes of high-intensity exercise and burn additional calories for the next 14 hours, reports the American College of Sports Medicine. Researchers at Appalachian State University and the University of North Carolina set out to determine the afterburn effect of one bout of vigorous exercise on calorie burn after the exercise session concluded. Interestingly, ten healthy men were put into a [...]

Ankle Brace for Basketball: Are Injuries Prevented?

Q: Should I wear an ankle brace for basketball to decrease my risk for injury? A: Research has gone back and forth for many years as to whether or not ankle braces for basketball were beneficial in preventing injury or in reducing the severity of an injury. When asked, I always recommended wearing ankle braces for basketball if they were comfortable and did not limit sports performance. If there was a slight chance in reducing the risk of injury, it [...]

NFL Football Injuries; How Common are Athletes Hurt?

NFL Football Injuries NFL football injuries are becoming more of a concern, but what would the world be like without football? I shutter to think how life would be if I had no team to pull for every Sunday. No Fantasy Football Draft to commission, and no reason to lose my voice from screaming during each game. Sure, my grass would get cut more often, and I would spend more time doing constructive things… But during football season, none of [...]

Three Simple Tests for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

"My ring and pinky finger get numb on my right hand and has been going on for three years. Sometimes my shoulder and neck ache, but overhead activities are impossible to do for more than a few seconds. My hands swell and turn blue!" Sound familiar? Chances are that thoracic outlet syndrome is high on your differential diagnosis for this type of patient. In all likelihood, you are probably correct. The thoracic outlet is the space between your collarbone and [...]

Glucosamine for Tendonitis: Supplementation May Speed Tendon Recovery

Supplements in general are a waste of time and money. However, glucosamine (glucosamine chondroitin) is a supplement that has been researched in improving joint symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. The Cochrane Database cites many high quality studies that support its effectiveness. Specifically, taking 1500 mg of glucosamine per day for 6 weeks has been shown to have a 28% improvement in pain, a 21% improvement in function, pain improvement similar to taking acetaminophen and a prevention of joint space narrowing in [...]

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