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Exercises for Women: Are Certain Workout Routines Better for Females

Q: Are there certain exercises for women that are better than typical workouts? A: Clearly there are anatomical differences between men and women. If you have been to the gym lately, you will notice that the men typically lift free weights and are probably lifting much more than they should. Look to the other end of the gym, and women typically are using exercise machines and smaller free weights. Again, in general, men focus too much on upper body strength [...]

Resistance and Aerobic Exercise in Type Two Diabetic Patients

"Doc, how important is exercise in helping me to improve my diabetes control?" We have all, at some point in our careers as physicians or exercise specialists counseled a patient that "regular exercise can improve diabetes control." Some of us truly meant it. In others, telling a patient to regularly exercise and improve diet was simply routine. Can you blame those that are not true advocates of exercise for diabetic control? Besides, there has not really been good research to [...]

The 250/500 Rep Workout Routine: An Exercise Plan That is Just Right!

A "Just Right" Workout Routine Once upon a time, a man and a woman walked into a gym to workout together. They had an "on and off" experience with resistance training, but wanted to rekindle their relationship with building muscle to optimize health. One member of the Exercise Menu community (we will call him John) approached them to explain the 500 Rep Workout routine concept, which seemed interesting, but a bit daunting at this point in their fitness time line. [...]

Exercise with a PICC Line: Is it Safe to Workout with a Central Line?

Q: "Can I exercise with a PICC line? I've got this PICC line in my right arm and still want to exercise. Is it safe, and what precautions should I take?" A PICC line is a catheter that allows medications and fluids to be delivered into the body. The convenience of a PICC line is significant because it prevents frequent sticks from IV line placement. But can you exercise with a PICC line? In most cases, you can exercise your [...]

The Best Weight Loss Plan Involves Simple Science

You can't beat simple science when it comes to weight loss... That's all it is anyway, right! Learn the basics of how to "scientifically" lose weight and keep it off.

The Best Core Exercises for a Good Ab Workout Routine

The best core exercises for a good workout are simple and do not involve special weights or exercise equipment. Core exercises are important because many people are dealing with back problems secondary to weak core muscles. Science has shown us that strengthening your abdominal muscles and back muscles will not only improve your posture and your overall look, it will also help prevent and reduce back pain.When you think about it, all you have holding up your upper body are [...]

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