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Diet vs. Exercise For Weight Loss: Which is More Important?

The truth is... Many of us like to keep a full tank. Often too full. Few have mastered the art of "calorie management." Unlike pumping gas into your car at the gas station, pumping fuel into your body is often a rewarding experience. When you pump gas into your car, the weather is usually too hot, or too cold. Further, you have to touch a gas pump handle that tens of thousands of people have marked with who knows what, and [...]

How Soon Can I Return to Sports After ACL Surgery?

Q: How soon can I return to sports after ACL Surgery? Tearing your ACL was not only painful physically, but painful emotionally because you know that this injury will take you off the field for a little while with good recovery. However, you also know that sometimes complications may happen that can delay your return to sports after ACL surgery for some time. As you probably know at this point, your ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a piece of [...]

Risks vs. Benefits of Barefoot Running: Are Barefoot Running Shoes Safe?

Barefoot running is a popular, controversial fitness craze that promises excellent benefit for foot health and running efficiency. Find out if barefoot running should be in your training program.

Healthy Back Workout, Strong Abs Workout Routine

The most important workout routine involves strengthening your core muscles in your abs and back. Keep these strong and your back will be healthy for years to come!

How Many Minutes of Exercise Do You Need to Add Years to Your Life and Reduce Cancer Risk?

"One hour, 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes broken up into three 10 minute intervals..." Would somebody please make a recommendation and stick with it! In defense of my fellow colleagues, it is difficult to say for certain how many exact minutes of exercise are needed per day for maximum health benefit. Some are more active in their jobs than others, some are at a small risk of serious disease whether they exercise or not, and others are [...]

Surprise Calories in Salad Dressing: Always Read Nutrition Labels

My Newman's Own Caesar Salad Dressing is sitting on the side of the curb in the trash can. I always buy low-fat or low calorie salad dressing, but never really looked at the nutrition labels or thought about why. I knew that salad dressings are a sneaky way to add calories to a perfectly healthy salad, but never looked that much into it. After a long day at work, I went to the grocery store and made a mistake in [...]

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