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500 Rep Boxer Strength Training Workout

Ready to beat the stuffing out of your heavy bag? Or your opponent? Not only do you need to be quick to be able to land that heavy blow, but you have to have good force to back it up. In order to build enough strength to make your punches count, you have to spend some time with the weights. With this 250/500 Rep Boxer Strength Training Workout routine, you can improve your punch strength in no time. Boxer Strength Training [...]

Does Alcohol Causes Overeating?

Whether it’s feeling the urge to order something greasy from the bar after a few beers, or enjoying cocktails while out to dinner, not realizing how much you are eating when you drink alcohol is a phenomenon that many experience. The urge to eat while feeling the effects of alcohol is common. In fact, studies are being published [1] to find correlations between alcohol use and overeating to determine if alcohol causes overeating. Alcohol blocks feelings of being satiation, or fullness, from [...]

Best Exercises to Prevent and Treat Shin Splints

To accompany the excellent articles written by Josh Orabone, M.D., M.P.H. about "What Causes Shin Splints" and "How to Treat Them", it is only appropriate to give you a workout to help prevent this aggravation. As mentioned in the articles, working out the muscles in your lower legs will help prevent this issue. Remember that you should properly treat your painful shins before beginning exercises or you may reaggravate your injury. Try these exercises to prevent shin splints. 1. Heel [...]

No Equipment Workout Routine: 20-Minute Circuit

All you need is an empty space for this no equipment workout routine... Sometimes you need to get in a quick no equipment workout. You don't quite have time to isolate specific muscle groups, no equipment is available and you have limited space. Well, with this all in one no equipment workout, all you need is a floor and yourself. In addition to being convenient, this workout routine will prove that you do not need tons of fancy equipment to [...]

What Causes Shin Splints?

Just recently, you made the decision to start exercising and lead a healthier life.  It was a struggle for the first few days, but you’ve been walking/jogging regularly, and you’ve felt stronger lately.  As you began your usual run a few days ago, you noticed a dull, achy pain at the front of your lower legs around your shins.  It wasn’t too bad and you fought through it, finishing at a good pace.   With life being as hectic as it [...]

Leg Workout Routine to Improve Your Vertical Jump

Some of us are blessed with "hops," but most of us really are not. If you play basketball, volleyball or another sport where jumping high will benefit you, be sure to strengthen those muscles that can improve your abilities. Although you may not be born with a 48 inch vertical, you can significant improve your jump with the correct exercise program. Because jumping is a quick action that involves bursts of strength, the 500 rep workout to improve your jumping [...]

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