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Is Your Work a Pain in the Neck? Let Our Expert Therapist Help You!

By Ashley Theobold, DPT For most of us, electronics are a part of our everyday life.  From computers, to cell phones, to tablets, we are inundated with technology and gadgets.  While these can help us with everything from working to leisure, the habits that form from their use can wreak havoc on our bodies.   We have a tendency to form habits of poor posture that lead to neckaches and backaches, whether it’s slumping in our chairs while studying or [...]

Curl and Delts: The Best Exercise for Biceps and Shoulders

Few muscle groups are more attractive than bigger biceps, well-toned arms and developed shoulders. I love the curls and delts exercise because you are knocking out two exercises in one. When I'm done with this exercise my biceps feel full and my shoulders look like they were just injected with silicone or something. Even better, because you have to tighten your core to keep your balance, you abs are getting into the mix as well. This exercise can be done [...]

20-Minute Shoulder Workout Routine for Strong, Healthy Shoulders

A regular shoulder workout routine should be included in everyone's fitness toolbox. Let me tell you why — The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body.... Which, can be a good and a bad thing. The shoulder socket is shallow, which makes it more prone to injury. Hence, weak shoulder muscles will put you at risk for early arthritis, rotator cuff tears and other injuries. Therefore, you must incorporate regular shoulder exercises into your workout whether you are trying [...]

Crazy 5’s Tabata Workout Routine

If you are unfamiliar with the Tabata workout, I highly recommend that you read this article. Tabata workouts are really the absolute best way to workout. Tabata workout routines are clearly time-efficient (4-minutes is all you need!) and research proven to be as effective, if not more effective, than traditional 30-45 minute workouts. Tabata workout routines are designed for the way humans really move, and have for eons. There is actually little benefit to being able to jog for 45 [...]

Ab Wheel, Push Ups Pyramid Workout Routine

The Ab Wheel and Push Ups Pyramid Workout Routine. It's quick, simple and will help you tighten up your core and upper body muscles!

Cold Weather Exercise: Tips to Get Past Workout Blues

It is hard for me to accomplish cold weather exercise... Even worse, I feel completely justified when cold temperatures are my excuse to skip a workout routine because there is nothing I can do about it! Only God has control of the weather... Pretty sad, huh? Cold weather exercise, for some reason, is extremely difficult for me. When it's cold, I want to do nothing more than take a warm shower, put on sweat pants and a thermal, and chill [...]

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