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20-Minute On The Floor No Equipment Circuit Workout

Feelin' lazy, but need to get your workout in today? Short of equipment, or don't feel like getting your weights together? Well, let's compromise. Here is one you can do without even getting off the floor! Even better, you will work most muscles in your body with this exercise. This no equipment workout routine is designed purely for your convenience. I mean, you can literally get up now, get on the floor and do this workout without needing anything else! [...]

Morning Brunch 20-Minute Circuit Workout Routine

There is nothing better than starting your day with refreshing exercise. Frequently, I am asked if it's better to workout in the morning or evening. As far as research is concerned, there is no hard evidence to which is better. So the best advice is to workout when you feel like it and have time to! Besides, when you are motivated to exercise, you will put more effort into your workout! For those of you who like morning workouts, here [...]

Should I Take Nitric Oxide Supplements for Heart Health?

Exercise, diet, healthy habits and a positive attitude are the golden keys to heart health. The problem with these "golden keys" is that exercise requires discipline and time, diet requires an introduction to foods which do not have tasty fats and salt, and a positive attitude is difficult to maintain in this high stress world we live in. Therefore, we find ways to "cheat," with supplements and medications. Some are good... Some are mostly safe... Some are approved by the Food [...]

Monday Morning Workout Routine to Get You Going

Monday's always have a renewed feeling to them. The weekend serves as a good "reset" button. A few days of rest and recovery can help us put a good kick to the next week of work or school. You should find 20 minutes in your schedule NOW to refresh your physical body and start your week of exercise on the right foot! The benefit of this total body workout is that you will work virtually every muscle in your body in [...]

20-Minute Stress Relief Workout Routine

First... Take a deep breath... You have made the right decision to turn to exercise to relief the stress that is pent up in your body and causing all kinds of trouble. This 20-minute stress relief workout will surely help. Okay... Breathe again... To relieve your stress, we will focus on two different types of exercises: 1) exercises that involve multiple joints, which will be useful to relieve built up tension in most of your muscle groups; and 2) exercises [...]

8 “How to Lose Weight” Reminders to Post on Your Refrigerator

The easiest, most practical tips to embed in your mind to lose weight and keep it off: 1. If you don't have junk food in your house, chances are you won't eat it. So... Don't buy it... Duh. 2. Cut up fruit and veggies as soon as you buy them fresh. Put them in a container so they are ready to eat when you can't find the junk food you didn't buy 🙂 3. Drink at least one half to one [...]

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