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A Workout to Make You Workout!

The hardest part about exercise is just getting started! I think that most of us have the "grit" to get through a reasonable workout once we have started. The problem is simply just getting started. Starting a workout is particularly harder when it's early, when it's late and when it is cold! It takes a lot to get from underneath a blanket an onto a workout bench of floor, but this workout is designed to help you to get started, [...]

Every Muscle 500 Rep Workout Routine

Dumbbells   Which is most important for weight loss? Diet or exercise? Find out now!   Learn the 500 rep workout routine. I hope you enjoyed the 4-minute Tabata workout routine yesterday! Talk about tough! But you have to admit that the trade-off is fair. You are done with your workout routine in 4-minutes, but you really gave it all that you had. I am fond of today's workout routine - the 500 Rep Workout. [...]

The Workout To Do When Sick

Working out when sick may be good, or it may be bad... It really depends not only on how sick you are, but it also depends on the intensity of the workout routine that you perform. Finding a workout to do when sick can be difficult. Fortunately, I hope to solve this problem for you by recommending exercises that are generally safe to perform when sick. Research recommends avoiding high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or other similar high-intensity workout routines when you [...]

Should You Exercise When Sick?

Its that time of the year again! While we can enjoy getting cozy with our blankets in anticipation of the Holidays, it's also the time of the year where illness is rampant. If you have been a good boy or girl this year and stuck with a regular exercise program, you have no doubt improved your defenses against microorganisms that so readily enter our bodies. Research definitely supports the fact that a regular exercise program can improve your immunity. Unfortunately, [...]

“Lazy Day” 20-Minute Circuit Lazy Workout

This lazy workout routine is designed for you if you feel like this: ""Today I don't feel like doing anything... (whistle, whistle, whistle), all I want to do is lay in my bed..." -Bruno Mars, Lazy Song I have told myself this often (AKA now!). You have to give yourself credit for sticking with your workout routines on most days, but some days you just aren't feeling it. Maybe you had a long work week, took a difficult test or [...]

The 500 Rep Ab Workout

Today is ab day... And we are going to hit it hard! While this 500 rep ab workout routine will surely strengthen your abdominal muscles and burn quite a few calories, you must remember that a proper diet is probably most important if you want those abdominal muscles to show. Combined with cardiovascular exercise (particularly high-intensity interval training), a low calorie, but healthy diet will keep the fat between your skin and ab muscles thin so that six pack can [...]

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