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First Steps in Addressing and Preventing Childhood Obesity

Physical activity is vitally important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for adults and children alike. The current trend has been to witness our nation's children slip into the category of obesity at younger ages. Be it less involvement in sports activities, more time in front of screen-based activities and little emphasis on healthy eating habits, we now have a public health issue on our hands. From the 1980s – 1990’s there were significant increases in Body Mass Indices (BMI) in [...]

500 Rep Workout for Body Fitness

The 500 rep workout routine for body fitness is one of the most complete workout routines that you can perform. The concept is simple — perform 100 repetitions of 5 different exercises. Use a heavier weight to build more muscles or use a lighter weight to improve endurance. Because our goal for this 500 rep workout routine is to increase body fitness, we will choose to perform exercises that involve multiple muscles in the body. Try to reach 100 reps of [...]

6-Pack Abs Body Weight Pyramid Workout Routine

Not only is circuit training becoming the most popular way to exercise, researchers are also showing that circuit training can produce similar strength gains in less time.  Typically, when designing a circuit training workout routine, you choose the part of the body that you want to exercise and then choose the type of circuit training workout routine that you want to perform. Because you are on this post, you must be looking for a circuit training style 6-pack abs body weight [...]

500 Rep Heavy Hitter Boxer’s Workout Routine

Boxing is all about strength and speed. While hitting the speed bag, jumping rope and shadow boxing will help you quicken your fists, performing this 500 Rep Heavy Hitter Boxer's Workout Routine will seriously improve your strength in those heavy hitter muscles. Which muscles do you need to target? Definitely focus on your core most importantly, which this workout will address. After that, strengthening your triceps, biceps, chest and shoulders are most important. The 500 rep Heavy Hitter Boxer's Workout [...]

Shrimp Cocktail and Kale Stuffed Pita

This is one of my most exciting, healthy dishes to make. I'm from New Orleans. I love shrimp, and shrimp cocktail even better. Combine this excellent combination with kale and a few other healthy vegetables and stuff it in a whole-wheat pita... Let's not imagine any more and get to making this! Shrimp Cocktail and Kale Stuffed Pita Grocery List for 8 Servings: Large Shrimp (Peeled and De-veined) - $7 (1 pound ) Kale  - $2 [...]

10-Minute Prenatal Yoga Sequence

Many prenatal resources exist on the web, and many are good! However, after spending some time reviewing the best resources, this 10-Minute Prenatal Yoga Sequence was the best that I have come across so far. As far as prenatal yoga is concernced, I'm sure that it is no surprise that it is safe great for you to do! Yoga will not only improve stress and physical pain, but research suggests that prenatal yoga can also decrease the amount of time [...]

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