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Fire Your Trainer, Hire Your Spouse!

For better or for worse? Couples who workout together and make healthy lifestyle changes as a team fair better than those who don't. If your partner takes on a healthy habit, not only are you more likely to start the habit, but you are also more likely to stick with it. In an article published January 2015 in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers in the UK found that people were more successful in sticking with new habits if their [...]

Couples Workout Routine: 20-Minute Circuit Workout

Working out with a partner makes exercise much more enjoyable. Even better, a couples workout routine builds commitment, community health and sexual health! Because you are working out together, you can encourage each other as you both work towards a common goal of fitness. I present to you the 20-Minute  Circuit for Couples Workout Routine. It's simple, and these are the types of exercises that the two of you can do together easily. The couple workout routine is in a [...]

Detox Your Mind: A Post on Living a Minimalistic Life

If you are reading this article, it may be the time of year for you to detox your mind. With the holiday season comes stuff... and loads of it. Some "stuff" is valuable, and much needed. Other "stuff" however,  takes up space and time while trying to find the essentials and depletes energy.  We can even use "stuff" as an excuse: "I don't have any workout clothes." "I can't find [insert random fitness item], so I might as well not try." [...]

Mardi Gras Workout: Carnival Season Body Prep Workout

There is no better workout in the world to prepare you for Carnival season than the Mardi Gras Workout Routine. If there ever is a time of the year to workout, it's before Mardi Gras. Spring is around the corner, layers of clothes are coming off and you've said "I will only have one piece of King Cake" way too many times! Not to mention you have already probably eaten a season's worth of crawfish... But who is counting anyway...You [...]

Detox Your Body: What Do You Need to Change?

When it comes to detoxing your body, there often involves a significant change. New dietary recommendations have been released for 2015-2020, and they may shine light on an important dietary change that you need to make. With 1 out of 2 Americans having a diet-related disease, this release of new dietary recommendations should help to improve health over the next few years. The biggest change to help you detox your body — cut back on sugar. The new dietary recommendations take [...]

Minimalist Exercise Is Key to Getting and Staying in Shape

Minimalist exercise is the answer to getting in shape and staying in shape over the long-term. Let's face it. For most of us, exercise is hard to fit into our busy schedules, and may not be the most exciting activity that we can do with the little time we have. Going to a cold gym to lift heavy rusty weights is the exact opposite of what you want to do. Instead, a refreshing shower, a soft couch, good food and [...]

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