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Good quick workouts. I can tell I am getting stronger already!
Great job! Lots of diversity
I love the website. Refer to it on pretty much a daily basis for workouts!
I like Exercise Menu because I feel like I’m getting the latest most up-to-date information on how to exercise and eat better.
I love to receive all the information i get in my emails about food, exercise and health.

500 Rep Workouts

  • black woman push ups

500 Rep Floor Workout

Tonight I’m feeling kinda lazy, not gonna lie. Getting up off of the couch will take a bit of inner motivation, but I […]

HIIT Workouts

  • sweat man

The 5 Minute Friday Workout

T.G.I.F! Although those wonderful family sitcoms, Family Matters, Boy Meets World and Step By Step are waaaaaay obsolete, there still exists the sense […]

20-Minute Workouts


  • fitness-monitors

Are Health and Fitness Activity Monitors Worth It?

Wearable electronic monitoring devices are amazingly popular these days. In the “old days” pedometers would mostly (inaccurately) monitor how many steps you took to provide some feedback regarding your levels of physical activity. Today, there […]

  • Mirror

5 Tips to Convince Yourself to Exercise Today

Yes, some of us are blessed with the desire to exercise, sweat, and burn muscles until they are no longer functional. However, most of us prefer browsing the internet, watching good TV or relaxing with […]

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