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Simple 100 (Okay 99) Crunches Workout Routine

A quick, effective way to perform a variable abdominal workout with the simple ab crunch exercise!

Exercises You Can Do Easily at Work: 20-Minute Workout for the Office

You have some down time in your office, want to workout, but don't have exercise equipment and really don't want to sweat. You are thinking about all the chores you have to do when you get home, and figure than now is the perfect time for a workout for the office. The Centers for Disease Control States that you can break up your workout into 10-minute intervals throughout the day. Further, your 10-minute bout may give you immediate benefit up [...]

Is Too Much Jogging Bad For You? What Are the Recommendations?

While jogging is a widely-accepted healthy physical activity, while more jogging offer more benefit? Or is too much jogging bad for you? What are the recommendations?

Feel Good Workout Routine

While regular exercise can be relaxing, research suggest that higher intensity workouts provide more of a "feel good" sensation that those of a lower intensity. Try this workout routine to release stress and improve relaxation!

Your Guide to Preventing Long-Distance Running Injuries

Fortunately for the state of health in America, many more people are long-distance running and participating in road races than ever! In fact, road race finishers have nearly tripled from 5 million in 1990 to 15 million in 2011, according to Running USA. Not only is this increase great for the sport, increasing interest in running is an effective means in fighting the chronic disease epidemic. So, what's the drawback? Injury... Incidence of Long-Distance Running Injuries Running clearly increases [...]

Grape Juice, Red Wine, Burn Fat? Not So Fast!

Research suggest the benefits of drinking red wine as part of a weight loss program, but is the evidence strong enough to make red wine consumption a recommendation for weight loss?

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