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Bi’s and Tri’s Workout Routine to Build Arm Muscle

(Bi's = biceps, Tri's = triceps) Today, we are going to change our target area and the pace, focusing on the bi's and tri's with a slow pace workout. A Bi's and tri's workout will target the biceps and triceps in your upper arms. Before we get into today's Bi's and Tri's Workout, I want to go over the importance of understanding different movements that are used with resistance training. Concentric movement, and eccentric movement are two terms you should understand [...]

Exercise Consistency: It Ain’t Pretty, But It Counts

"I'm pretty good with exercise." This statement should be your worst response when a co-worker, family member or friend inquires about your exercise habits. We all feel tons of pressure to exercise per a certain schedule and to stick tight to the commitment that we made to improve our habits. Yes. Absolutely, it is important to set a schedule, meet your goals and to walk 10,000 steps daily and to perform 1500 reps per week, but the problem with a [...]

Healthy Resources: Fitness Website Reviews

Attempting healthy changes  without the proper resources can be difficult. What can and can’t you eat? And how much? Calorie counting is a fantastic way to keep track of what you eat throughout the day, and make sure you are keeping yourself on track and your portion sizes reasonable. Your diet is a bank account! A good rule of thumb to make sure you are eating the proper number of calories is to take the weight you hope to be, [...]

10-Minute Ab Circuit Workout Routine for Quick Abs

Have you ever had one of those days where you did not really feel like doing an ab circuit workout, but you wanted to do something? On those days, your body may be telling you that it needs a little rest, but you should still squeeze in a quick ab circuit workout to keep your exercise momentum moving forward. The least you should do is a quick 10-minute ab circuit workout routine. 400 quick ab reps to tighten up your [...]

Valentine’s Day: Get a Date Circuit Workout!

Tonight is a big night! You and your yours have plans at a local restaurant, may catch a movie or spend the evening at a relaxing bar or jazz club. Good food is on the menu tonight, no matter what. You want to get your workout in, so you look your best for your date, but are pressed for time. Well, here is the perfect workout to prepare you for a fun and relaxing evening. Give yourself 15 minutes before [...]

Tick Tock Challenge Workout Routine: 600 Reps!

Today, we are going to pick up the pace with a Challenge workout routine. Challenge workouts are ones in which you are presented with a few exercises and you have to do them all as quickly as you can. Record your time for the Tick Tock Challenge Workout and try to beat it next time you do the same workout. These are fun to do, time-saving and improve both cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Post your time below and see how [...]

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