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5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Still Enjoy the Beach

You followed the diet plan, exercised religiously, and now you are comfortable with displaying that body alongside the rest of the beach goers. As soon as you taste the salty air and feel the sun’s warm rays you forget about the hard work and dedication, and tell yourself “it doesn’t […]

Multi-Joint Pyramid Workout Routine

Let’s revisit the pyramid workout routine format that you were introduced to on Day 15. And yes, it is true that again, you can get a total body workout without the use of equipment, the need for much space or the availability of much time.

Honestly, I don’t have much more […]

Tough Arm Challenge Pyramid Workout Routine

Every now and then you need to step outside of your workout zone and challenge yourself with a tough pyramid workout. Face it… You won’t get anymore stronger, anymore toned, or anymore ripped without pushing yourself to the limits every now and then, and this workout promises to do just […]

500 Rep Legs and Abs Workout Routine

Today’s 500 Rep Legs and Abs Workout Routine is designed to build endurance and increase strength in your legs and abs, the foundation of your body. Without strong legs and abs, you are limited in what you can lift with your upper body. Strong legs and abs help you to […]

7 Daily Astonishing Habits to Push You Past Your Limits

It’s amazing how “locked in” we are as humans. Our capabilities and spiritual power are endless, but we live each day significantly restrained. We are restrained by fear, time, influences, habits, other people and family pressures. Our restraints truly have a weight-like character that holds us down to prevent us […]