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20-Minute Abs and Legs Workout Routine

This 20-Minute Abs and Legs Workout Routine is inspired thanks to sore arms! I have to share this with you — I am realizing that I have a problem easing into things. The winter and all of the cold weather we had this year set me back a bit. I was mostly consistent, but didn't lift as heavy as I usually do. The first wave of warm weather came through New Orleans yesterday, and I went a bit nuts! Call it [...]

Exercise Is The Fulcrum For Work-Life Balance

I don't know about you, but I remember little enjoyment using a seesaw in my younger days. I was either too heavy for the much lighter girl on the other end or too light for the kid twice my size. In fact, as terrible as it sounds, I remember the heavier kids would tease the lighter ones by keeping them up in the air for long periods of time! So sad... Even when you found someone of the same weight, [...]

10-Minute Jump Rope High-Intensity Interval Workout Routine

You're tired, haven't eaten dinner yet and have the kids to take care of. It's late.... How the heck are you gonna workout today??? A simple jump rope high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is the answer you are looking for! The other day, I was in this similar situation. Even worse, I had absolutely no motivation to workout. I just wanted to take a long hot shower, eat a big plate of food, watch TV and go to sleep. But [...]

Bicycle Abs Tabata 4-Minute Workout Routine

If you are looking to knock out a quick abs and cardio workout in only a few minutes time, this is undoubtedly the best workout routine for you. Because this workout is built on the Tabata format, it will only take 4-minutes to complete! Not familiar with Tabata? The Tabata High-Intensity Interval Workout Routine is about as intense of a workout that you can get — and great to knock out an abs workout and improve your cardio at the same [...]

Two Important Goals for a Lifestyle of Fitness

Achieving a lifestyle of fitness is all about goal setting, goal accomplishment, and often, goal revision. It can be difficult to workout on a regular basis without a set goal in mind, whether it be to lose so many pounds or run so many miles. Throughout the year we set goals, and some we reach and others we revise. Despite the personal goals you have for yourself, there are two goals that you should have to lay the foundation for [...]

When to Workout: Before Your Shower!

A shower is a hygienic ritual that we all (hopefully) perform once, sometimes twice per day. A good shower will wake us up in the morning, or calm us for a nice evening of rest and sleep. And, there is nothing like a good warm shower or bath when it is cold outside. The availability of a good shower is really a blessing when you think about it. You take a shower to get clean, so why don't you make [...]

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