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The Foundation of Fitness: Mental Health

Fitness is often only thought of as physical health. We talk about cardiovascular exercise, weightlifting, circuit training, etc, but often neglect the true foundation of fitness: mental health.

If you are finding it difficult to commit […]

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How to Lose Weight Successfully: Timothy French’s Weight Loss Statistics and Testimonial


Don’t Weight to Lose Body Compositions:

Body Comp Date Weight (lbs)
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Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: How to Get Good Results!

Summer 2010 was full of events and positive feedback. My annual physical in July showed amazing improvements in my blood work. I was […]

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Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: Why Exercise to Lose Weight

Portion control was working well and I lost weight. My wife allowed me to put my bicycle in our dining area, which […]

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Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: Portion Control

While my first session of DWTL was successful, I did not take away what I needed to get my weight under control. By […]

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Timothy French Testimonial: How to Diet and Lose Weight

My first session of DWTL in March 2009 is the first milestone of the journey. From that session, I learned that five […]

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A Success Story: Timothy French’s Weight Loss Testimonial

Timothy French is a follower or Exercise Menu workout programs. He reinforces the fact that small practical changes result in weight loss […]

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How to Begin a Workout Routine

Exercising is an important lifestyle change that you should begin making if you haven’t already. The purpose of this article is to get you from sitting in your computer chair, to the point where you […]

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Motivation for Weight Loss: Be Inspired to be a Champion

I am completely using author privileges for today’s post. But, I cannot ignore this opportunity to express my and the city’s excitement for the Kickoff of the New Orleans Saints 2010 season. Talk about an […]

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