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Fire Your Trainer, Hire Your Spouse!

For better or for worse? Couples who workout together and make healthy lifestyle changes as a team fair better than those who don’t. If your partner takes on a healthy habit, not only […]

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Minimalist Exercise Is Key to Getting and Staying in Shape

Minimalist exercise is the answer to getting in shape and staying in shape over the long-term.

Let’s face it. For most of us, exercise is hard to fit into our busy schedules, and may not be […]

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Detox Your Mind: How to Hit the Spiritual Reset Button

Hoping your New Year's resolution will last more than a week this year? Make sure you are regularly detoxing your mind and hitting your spiritual reset button on a regular basis!

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What to Expect When You Begin a Diet and Exercise Program

It takes an average of 66 days to develop a habit that you stick with, according to a July 2009 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology. Some are able to […]

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Holiday Stress Got You Down: Turn it Around!

It’s two days until Christmas and our To-Do lists are a mile long. The ham needs to be baked, the candy bought, and don’t forget about those last minute gifts! ¬†With all that’s going on, […]

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Generation Y Adults Face More Weight Loss Challenges Than Previous Generations

Generation Y Adults have a harder time keeping a healthy weight that previous generations. Many factors may be involved.

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God on Exercise: “Go Into Strict Training!”

If you follow Exercise Menu, you know that I quite often cite research articles and quotes of well-respected fitness experts. I have even gone as far back as Plato and his take on […]

How to Make Exercise Work For You

With the nearly infinite media outlets telling you how and when to exercise, the advice, although with good intent, can be endless! Not to mention frustrating.

So then the question is: What do I need to […]

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Trust In Your Workout

One of the main reasons that we miss a workout or do not exercise regularly is that we don’t trust in the importance of exercise.¬†

We mentally know that we should workout. We have […]

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