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Stay Motivated to Exercise
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Learn how to exercise and stay motivated with inspirational articles provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.!

Charity Miles: Sponsors Donate to Charity for Exercising

Charity Miles is a health and fitness app that tracks your walk, run or bike mileage while helping you raise money for charity!

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Candy is Not Food! Diet Lessons Learned From a 3-Year-Old

They say that if you pay attention and stay present in your surroundings that you will learn something new everyday… This couldn’t be more true.

The other day, I was spending the weekend with […]

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Young Adult Obesity Curbs Chances of Long Life

Today, the journal BMJ published new research for early release that looked more into the effects of young adult obesity on longevity.

This day in age, most of us know that being obese can […]

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Weight Loss Tip to Prevent Overeating: Listen for the Click…

Today’s tip I truly hope is another tool you can put into your weight management toolbox. It may be completely silly to some, but I hope can be beneficial for someone…

I was eating a very […]

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Start an Exercise Program that Fits Your Lifestyle

Build Your Exercise Program

Taking the proper steps to start an exercise program is key to be successful.. The purpose of this article is to get you from sitting in […]

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How to Schedule Exercise Into Your Week

Only 25 percent of Americans meet the daily recommendations for exercise. Thus, one in four of us performs a 20-minute high-intensity cardiovascular workout three days per week, or a 30 minute cardiovascular workout five days […]

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Why Exercise?- Reasons to Begin a Regular Exercise Program

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are looking for motivation to get up NOW and exercise. If only we could program our bodies to feel exercise pangs as we do when […]

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How to Make Yourself Workout

Sometimes you just need that additional mental boost to get started with your workout routine. Learn 5 simple tips to help you easily get into your workout routine for the day!

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4 Reasons Why You Should Do a 500 Rep Workout

Not yet convinced that the 500 rep workout is for you? Give me a chance to sell you a good workout plan with 4 reasons why you should make the 500 rep workout the base of your resistance training foundation!

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