Learn how to exercise with fitness tips to improve your technique to get the most out of your workout! Provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.

Instrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation and Forming Long-Term Exercise Habits

A lack of motivation to exercise regularly is the number one reason why most of us don’t. Sure, time is a close second, but let’s face it. We can all find 10-30 minutes a day […]

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Workout Safely: How to Choose the Right Exercise Intensity

Knowing whether or not you are getting a good workout can be difficult sometimes. Often, we either exercise too hard to exhaustion, or do not quite work hard enough to get good benefit from our […]

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Muscle Building Movements: Eccentric vs. Concentric Muscle Contraction

Knowing the difference between an eccentric and concentric muscle contraction may be the most important fact to know when it comes to resistance training. The eccentric muscle contraction is the movement going down, or lengthening […]

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Stay Fresh and Lift Weights Without Sweating

“I would work out more, but I don’t want to sweat!”

When I first heard a client tell me this, I completely wrote it off as a pitiful excuse to avoid working out. Then, I heard […]

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What Causes Shin Splints?

Just recently, you made the decision to start exercising and lead a healthier life.  It was a struggle for the first few days, but you’ve been walking/jogging regularly, and you’ve felt stronger lately.  As you […]

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Leg Workout Routine to Improve Your Vertical Jump

Some of us are blessed with “hops,” but most of us really are not. If you play basketball, volleyball or another sport where jumping high will benefit you, be sure to strengthen those muscles that […]

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Hotel Workout Routine for Your Vacation

You are on “vacay!” Relax… Forget about work… Enjoy your family and friends… Don’t worry about anything… Depending on how long your vacation is, you may want to squeeze in a quick hotel workout in […]

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One Month Workout Routine for Men: Get Ripped For Real, For Free, No Gimmicks

Fellas… Need a one month workout routine for men to help you get in shape? Want to learn how to workout to get ripped, for real, for free and with no gimmicks?

It’s so tempting to […]

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The Perfect Workout Plan – Exercise Menu’s 250/500 Rep Workout

Do not spend another minute stressing out about the type of workout plan you should follow. The most frustrating obstacle to working out is figuring out what exercises to do, how many reps, how many […]

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