The 500 Rep Workout is the most basic, effective workout you can work into your exercise lifestyle. Simply choose 5 exercises and do 100 total reps of each. Do this three times per week and you will be in top shape. Never again worry whether or not you are doing enough, or stress yourself out with doing impossible workouts.

How’s that for explaining a workout!

Even better, choose exercises that involve multiple limbs and you can get a total body workout all in one. Choose heavier weights to build muscle, or choose lighter weight to build endurance.

Again, it’s that simple.

Let’s do this 500 Rep Workout that targets most of the muscles in your body. You don’t even need any equipment, just an open space. Further, because you are doing a high number or reps, you can ensure muscle fatigue, which will not only help your muscles grow, but will also improve your overall endurance.

The 500 Rep Workout is the perfect outline to make working out easy and convenient.

Ready to roll???

500 Rep total Body Workout


Perform 100 reps of each exercise. Take a break when you need to, but try to complete the workout as fast as possible.

Now that you are a 500 Rep Workout pro, feel free to check out other 500 Rep Workouts on the rest of To date, there are many to choose from that can be targeted towards your specific need. Some days you may want to focus on your upper body, and other days pay more attention to your lower body.

Make the 500 Rep Workout yours and you can’t go wrong. Time yourself and record below to keep track of it and share with others.