One of the best things about winter is that you can wear long pants, long dresses or sweatpants and don’t really have to worry how your legs look. But, before you know it, the Groundhog sees his shadow and you only have six weeks left to get those hibernating legs back in shape for the outdoor season. Well, now is the perfect time to start refocusing a little more attention to the largest muscles in your body. The worst thing you can do is go for your first spring walk or run with unfit legs. Talk about soreness and an increased risk for injury! So, today, we are going to do a 250/500 rep leg workout to get you ready for a good season of outdoor activity.

250/500 Rep Leg Workout

Let’s make this one a 250/500 rep workout, with a bit of cardio and a stretch. If you are doing a 250 rep workout, just do 50 reps total of each exercise. If you are doing a 500 rep workout, do 100 reps of each exercise!

Jog in place for 5 minutes!

Muscles Worked: Total body warm up/cardiovascular exercise.

50 or 100 total reps You can also do these with dumbbells.

Muscles Worked: Biceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes.

50 or 100 on each side. Ouch! You’ll hate me tomorrow, but these are good.

Muscles Worked: Glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, core muscles.

You can do two feet at a time, but if you have the time, just do one foot. The results in the long run will be better. 50 or 100 reps.

Muscles Worked: Calves

50 or 100 each leg. Make sure you do your best to keep your foot parallel to the ceiling.

Muscles Worked: Glutes, hamstrings

Time yourself. Try for a total of 50 or 100 seconds, but go longer if you have the endurance. If you want, post your time in the comments box below!

Muscles Worked: Quadriceps, glutes, core muscles.

‘Cause I do have sympathy at times 🙂 Stretch for 30 seconds on each side. 

If you have to take the elevator tomorrow (because you take the steps everyday, right?) I won’t be mad at you.

Nice work in completing this leg workout! Post your time below to track your time on Facebook and encourage others!

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