Every now and then we all need a challenge to step away from the monotony of our daily workout routine. Let’s say you have been exercising your upper body muscles for some time and have reached a plateau. In other words, you aren’t progressing as much as you would like to in your resistance training program. You are sticking to your workout routine, but not getting stronger or improving your muscular tone. This is now the time where you want to push yourself to your limits with an Upper Body Challenge Workout Routine! This upper body challenge workout routine will challenge you to do more with your upper body than you ever thought was possible. Because your muscle will be stressed beyond the norm, they will have to adapt and improve in efficiency and strength. If this is your situation, then this upper body challenge workout routine is for you.

Before performing this upper body challenge workout routine, make sure your energy is up and you are well-hydrated!

Good luck!

Upper Body Challenge Workout Routine


Perform 100 reps of each exercise. Finish this upper body challenge as fast as possible

Let’s do this first to warm up virtually every muscle in your body!

100 total Push Ups! Rest when you need to. 

The perfect exercise to work both your biceps and shoulders!

Never neglect your core!

You worked your biceps – now keep your arm balanced with a triceps exercise!

Works your upper back, opposite of your chest!

Keep your low back and core strong. Finish nicely with this low intensity exercise! You deserve it!

Great job in finishing this upper body challenge workout routine! It wasn’t easy, but now your upper body is going to be stronger and more toned than ever before! Come back to this workout routine the next time you reach a plateau.