Time is pressed, but you need to get it done today. The answer is in this quick, intense Total Bodyweight Only Burnout Circuit Workout Routine (yes, a long name indeed).

The concept is simple. We will only do three different exercises, but you will do each set until you absolutely cannot do another rep. For example, the first exercise involves Squat Jumps. You will do as many of these as fast as you can until you cannot continue. Then, you will move on to the next exercise after a 1 minute rest. If you only have time to go through this set once, it will be better than nothing. However, the goal is to get through this 5 times for optimal results.

Let’s get to the workout!

Total Body Bodyweight Only Burnout Circuit Workout

Perform as many repetitions of each exercise as you can. Take a one minute break between exercises. Repeat the circuit 5 times
Burnout every single muscle in your lower body!
Alternate legs each time you come through the circuit. If you can’t hold a leg up, just do regular push ups.
Time for some mid-section attention!
Repeat 4 more times!