When I think of the name “Tabata,” the first thought that comes to mind is “tough, but extremely effective.”

Likewise, when I think of “Burpees,” again, “tough, but one of the best total body workout ever!”

Put both of them together and you get a seriously efficient and effective workout routine that rivals any other. Even better, a Tabata Burpees workout routine does not require any more equipment than a simple stopwatch or clock with a second-hand.

Tabata Explained

Dr. Tabata is a Japanese researcher that simply tested the effectiveness of an interval cardiovascular workout routine that he recommended for a hockey team. The workout routine consisted on a 20-second interval in which the skater skated at his 100% potential followed by a 10-second interval in which the skater was allowed to rest. Over a period of many weeks, it was noted that the skaters had a significant improvement in anaerobic (sprint energy) and aerobic (long-distance endurance) energy systems.

Tabata training is one of many types of intervals that fall under the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise design. Much evidence-based research supports the use of interval training in improving cardiovascular fitness. In fact, there is a movement to move away from the typical “30-minute run” to a more efficient HIIT training workout model, because we are now learning that HIIT improves fitness and burns more fat in less time.

Now take the Tabata interval design and combine it with the Burpee for a serious workout routine.


Tabata Burpee Interval Workout Routine

Click here to learn how to perform the Burpee Exercise.

Now take this exercise and perform like this:

1. Perform as many Burpees as fast as you can for 20 seconds.

2. Rest for 10 seconds.

3. Repeat this circuit 8 times for a total 4-minute workout routine.

Try to keep track of the number of Burpees that you perform so you can monitor your progress the next time you visit this workout routine.

You may also feel free to post your number of Burpees below to help to encourage others!