If you are going to lift weights, there are only two speeds you should use, really fast, or really slow! I know this is really different from what you see in the gym or on television, but the truth is that you get the most endurance benefit from fast (controlled) movements and the most muscle gain from slow movements, particularly with eccentric movements. Eccentric movements describe the movement that lengthens the muscle being worked. For example, when doing a calf raise, the eccentric movement is not standing up on your toes, but letting your heel back to the ground. In contrast, the concentric movement (shortening of the muscle) is the movement that contracts your calf muscle so you stand up on your toes. This recommendation to move slowly is backed by tons of research. In the European Journal of Applied Physiology researchers note that eccentric movements result in greater muscle hypertrophy (size) than concentric movements. In other words, they agree that slowly lengthening the calf muscle while coming down during the calf raise will cause more hypertrophy to the muscle than slowly going up on your toes. So, based on this, today you have chosen to perform a slow-paced eccentric movement lower body workout routine to build the size of your muscles in your lower body.

Good choice.

Another benefit of including a slow-paced workout routine in to your regimen is that you can also use this time to unwind and/or meditate. Instead of high-intensity, fast music, try something slow and relaxing. Just a thought.

Let’s get to today’s workout!

Slow-Paced Eccentric Movement Lower Body Workout


Perform each exercise as stated. Move at a 4-second up, 4-second down pace

Use a weight heavy enough that will only allow you to complete the recommended number of repetitions. If you can do more than 10, use a heavier weight!

Let’s start with the Wood Chop exercise as a warm up. Make sure you do 10-12 on each side. 

Try to move your body in slow motion as best as you can throughout the entire movement. Really take your time going down into the lunge. Do 10-12 on each side!

This is a good exercise to work your quadriceps muscles, which are the muscle on the front of your upper leg. Go really slow!

As mentioned earlier, do these slow, particularly when coming down. Take a break when you need to, but do 100 total.

This is a great exercise to tighten up your butt! Do 50 slow repetitions on each side. Make sure you go through the full range of motion!

You are probably going to be really sore over the next few days! Here are some tips to help!