I want to start off and be upfront that I am receiving affiliate commissions from any SiteGround hosting that you purchase through ExerciseMenu.com. We can all use the help! But seriously, I am not expecting huge sales because this is an exercise and fitness site, but I did feel compelled to give you an non-techy bloggers opinion of SiteGround. 

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Jacques Courseault, MD

Unfortunately, I spent the first 5 years of this site’s existence with GoDaddy.com. I tell you, it feels like I was stuck in a bad relationship, but was afraid to get out of it because of “brand loyalty” and familiarity with GoDaddy’s infrastructure (which constantly changed, by the way).

GoDaddy was just straight terrible. My site was offline multiple times per day, took forever to load and was expensive. Further, the customer service wasn’t quite terrible, but I never really felt like I had a representative that was dedicated in solving my problem. Not to mention, I was blasted with spam on “discounts” that usually came after I paid more a few days back for hosting or domain name services.

Breaking up with GoDaddy was again like a dependent relationship. I have no background in web-stuff other than what I have learned from developing my own site. I didn’t know where to go to change hosts or how difficult the process would be. I only imagined losing 5 years of labor into cyberspace during the transmission. I imagined that GoDaddy would somehow mistakenly lose my files once they found out that I was trying to make a transfer. Breaking up was hard because I didn’t know where else to go!

I spent days reading different reviews, and quite honestly, you could smell the “affiliate marketing” tone of many of the sites that I visit. Clearly, I’m not hating on affiliate marketing, but much of what I was reading wasn’t genuine. And unfortunately, I don’t have many friends that are into web design or have blogs, so I couldn’t get a strong recommendation from someone that I already knew.

After reading and searching, I came across SiteGround. I have never heard of it, but I didn’t expect myself to. The 30-Day money back guarantee, 60% off deal and claimed 99.9% uptime caught my attention. In reading other reviews, I appreciated that many commented on the excellent customer service that SiteGround provided.

I browsed their about page and liked to see young professionals running the service. However, the main thing that caught my eye was the “Less than 15 minutes response time” for customer service. A huge difference from GoDaddy’s 24 hour policy.

I then took a look at their cPanel, and it seemed simple to use. A huge change from the way my ex ran things.

Finally, I liked that I could set up unlimited email accounts and there was no limit to web space or traffic.

I stared at the computer screen for about 10 minutes, and then said “dah well, I’ll try it.”

SiteGround Usage Review

As I expected, there was a bit of difficulty transferring my site over to SiteGround. I thought I could do it without any assistance, but transferring a site is a bit past my expertise. So, I decided to give their highly-rated customer service department a try.

I tell you, in less than 30 seconds I had a response. It was almost creepy.

I was able to “chat” back and forth with a representative easily and got a response within a few minutes, no more than 3 or 4. Sure enough, in less than an hour or so, my site was transferred. (By the way, do this at night because your site will be down).

Once it was online, I was anxious to test out its speed.

OMG! (did I just say OMG?) Yes, I did because that was my first honest expression. My site loaded so fast, I thought it was a trick. For the next 5 minutes I just randomly clicked on pages and posts within my site out of pure joy because of how fast things were loading! For a second I got upset because I wasted so much time with GoDaddy, but that didn’t last long because there was so much more to explore with SiteGround.

The next day, I received a personal phone call from a rep that welcomed my business. Nice touch.

SiteGround Review Update

It has been about a month since I have been with SiteGround and my site is just as fast as it was from day one.

I did have an issue where my site would not update because of a security glitch. I sent customer support a ticket and they replied and the problem was resolved in 2 minutes, no joke! They really make you feel like you have your own Technology Department. All of the reps that I have worked with were nice and prompt. I have never experienced customer service like this from any business.

Finally, I have noticed a big jump in traffic since the switch. I haven’t done anything dramatic with the site, and of course it could be because a post took off, but I suspect that a faster load time is related to the increase in traffic. I also suspect that SiteGround’s infrastructure may be more SEO favorable, but I honestly don’t know.

I hope this review was helpful and I am glad that I can do something to help bring business to this exceptional company.

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