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Improve upon your running and sprinting technique.

Perfecting Your Running and Sprinting Technique

A runner’s technique is quite often overlooked, unfortunately. Many of us write off our running technique as we would, say a fingerprint. “It’s just the way we run…”

I beg to differ this point.

For the most part, our biomechanics are similar. Sure, there are differences in foot anatomy, stride length, foot strike, etc. But the variances between us should be minimal. Individual running patterns should only vary under close observation, but when describing ones running pattern, the description should be similar to describing another’s.

Why is it such a big deal?

Well, it’s really about improving your running mechanics so you can run faster and for a longer distance without getting as tired. In addition, you will drastically reduce your risk of injury if you are running properly.

So let’s learn to run the right way with this excellent video by QT2systems.com

Today’s Sprint Workout Routine

Since we are focusing our attention on your running technique, it is only appropriate to perform a sprint workout routine today.

Here is your program:

  • 4 minute jog
  • 2 one minute runs at a faster pace than a jog
  • 10 sixty yard sprints (take 60 big steps to estimate your distance if you need to). 30 second rest between sprints. 
  • 2 minute cool down jog

Remember to continually focus your attention on the running technique you learned in today’s video.  It will probably feel awkward at first, but just like anything else, you adjust and it becomes natural.

On a personal note, I changed the way that I run based on these tips and I am still impressed in my increase in speed and endurance. I am sure that you will also note the same improvements in your sprinting!