An ultimate man workout routine is exactly what you need to keep your life moving in a positive direction! As the “man of the house,” the husband, the father, the grandfather, you are the cornerstone for the household. You love, you share, you provide, you teach, you discipline, and you set an example. For everything you do — somebody is watching and learning from you. For everything you do — somebody appreciates your display of love and concern for them. For everything you say — somebody will respect your opinion (most of the time, at least). But my point is that you have “clout!” Now it is on you to not only maintain your own personal level of health to make sure that you can continue to provide for your family and meet their needs, but you must also set a great example on how to live healthy. If you are not healthy and in shape, chances are that those around you are also falling short of being as healthy as possible. On the other hand, if you are exercising 20-30 minutes per day and are choosing healthy food options, your family will notice. It may not happen initially, but they will follow your standard. Even more, if you use your “clout” and authority in your household, changes will be made. And as a husband and/or a father, a healthy household should be a top priority. But to get there, you must first take care of yourself with an ultimate man workout routine for the “man of the house!”

Father Workout RoutineThe Man of the House Workout Routine includes multiple exercises that will target many of the muscles in your total body. Further, because you are busy running your household, the man workout routine will not take you any longer than 20-minutes to complete. The workout routine is build on a fast paced circuit workout format, so you can make sure your heart rate is elevated, which also will promote cardiovascular fitness; in addition to, significant improvements in muscular strength. Perform The Man of the House Workout Routine 2-3 times per week, or switch it up with other Exercise Menu workout routines and you will be an even stronger cornerstone for your household than you are now!


Your Ultimate Man Workout Routine

Perform each exercise for 90 seconds. Take a break as needed, but limit your rest as much as possible. When you finish the first round of exercises repeat the set. 

Wood Chop – Click the link to view the video

Perform for 45 seconds on each side. This is a great exercise for total body strength.

Push Ups – Click the link to view the video

Man law #345. Every man should be able to do a push up! Do as many as you can in the 90 second time period.

Lunges – Click to link to view the video

The complete total body exercise. Knock out as many as you can in 90.

Ab Twists – Click the link to view the video

Strong core, strong body, strong family… Twist for 90.

Curl and Delts – Click the link to view the video

Every man of the house needs big guns…

Superman – Click the link to view the video

An exercise named after you… And it is great for your back! Hold for as many seconds as you can in the 90 second block.


Repeat the circuit!

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