Today’s tip I truly hope is another tool you can put into your weight management toolbox. It may be completely silly to some, but I hope can be beneficial for someone…

I was eating a very good “Meditterranean” dinner last night. I just finished up my workout, was pretty tired and considerably hungry. I had been craving this awesome dinner since I got home from work and was anticipating my date with wheat pasta and ground turkey based lasagna with fresh spinach and a glass of red wine.

An appropriate portion of lasagna sat in a corner of my plate, with a large portion of well-flavored spinach covered about half of the plate. Fresh out of the oven the lasagna was steaming and the spinach glistened with freshness.

I slowly began eating, as content as I could possibly be. After a long day at work and a workout that I had to force myself to do (but glad I did afterwards), I was going to enjoy this.


What was that?

After about 10 minutes of slow, intimate eating, I was full! I felt a “click” in my stomach that basically said “stop eating or you will overflow!”

This reminded me of pumping gas at a gas station. Gas is a fuel that is needed to provide energy to our cars. Food, similarly, is the same deal.

While pumping gas, we stop pumping when we hear the “click,” for multiple reasons:

1) The tank can’t hold anymore. We don’t want to overflow the tank, which would result in the dangerous leakage of gas out of the car.

2) It’s expensive. Every extra little bit of gas that we try to unnecessarily force into the tank is likely being wasted.

3) Gas will always be there… When we need more, we can just go back.

Then I thought, that’s the same thing with food!

1) Overflowing the tank will make me tired, feel uncomfortable and excess food energy will turn to fat…

2) Food cost money. There is no need to eat in 2 meals, what I should realistically be eating in three! Making this change allows me to stretch my budget by 50%!

3) We have refrigerators for a reason. It’s filled with food, so we can always go back and get more if we need it. I really shouldn’t eat like there is an upcoming famine or something…

So, listen and feel that click.

There is never a reason you should feel forced to eat everything on your plate just because it’s there. Throw foil on the plate and eat the rest later. It’s okay!

What do you do to avoid overeating? Share your comments below!