I will never hesitate to admit that I am a prayerful person, but the truth is that I don’t pray and show gratitude to the Creator as much as I should.

We take a lot of things for granted, and are fortunate to be able to. We are blessed to be able to go to a store, buy food, drink clean water. But it is indeed, the availability of “stuff” that we take for granted. This “stuff” only complicates our lives and tempts us to overdo. We forget the beauty of simplicity. If we were to take more time each day to appreciate the blessings of each moment, we wouldn’t have the desire to overeat, drink too much, smoke, check our Facebook status or add unnecessary stress to the day.

What if we just prayed…

If we just said a blessing every time we put food into our mouths, would we really eat junk food? Can you imagine saying “Thank you God for this bag of chips that will provide my arteries with plaque and cause dysfunction?”

Even better: ” Thank you God for this Coke. I know that man actually made it by combining different chemicals and additives, none of which I can pronounce. But uhhh… Yhea, it probably isn’t good for my precious body… But thank you anyway!”


Yes, thanking God for a fresh apple, sauteed fish or an organic salad seems much more appropriate.

What if we just prayed…

What if we thanked God for the new pack of cigarettes we just spent $6 of our hard-earned money for? It would go something like this: “Thank you creator for allowing me to continue this addiction. I know cigarettes cause cancer, heart disease, worsen pain and cause a lot of other problems, but uhhh…”

It really would be hard to genuinely be thankful for something that can cause you so much harm.

What if we just prayed?

What if we prayed every single time we ate or drank something?

What if we prayed before, during and after every workout routine?

What if we prayed before we went to sleep and as we awoke first thing in the morning?

Prayer would not only help our spiritual growth and increase our presence power, but it would also help us to control our cravings by allowing us to fully enjoy the simple beauty and pleasure of the things that are right and healthy to enjoy.

Today I challenge myself to be more mindful about prayer with each decision that can affect my health. I challenge you to do the same 🙂

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