“I’m gonna start Monday…” A phrase that we all have used and made a regular practice of in some point of our exercise lives. Sometimes we start strong on Monday and maintain. Other times, our scheduled exercise time is replaced with catching up on things we didn’t do over the weekend that we have to do now.

I am guilty of using Monday’s… For example, this past Friday I had a scheduled workout, but was exhausted, and wanted to have some free time to chill. I gave myself credit for completing the other workouts during the week, so figured that I deserved the weekend off, and…. “I will start again Monday…”

In thinking about this pattern of exercise, I realized that it might not be that bad of a routine.

We operate in cycles. New Year’s resolutions, seasons, months, weeks, new days, are all reasons that we use to make changes and start new ventures. If it weren’t for cycles, I feel that we would soon burnout or get bored. It’s like a computer that freezes up if it isn’t turned off or restarted from time to time.

I’m writing this post to give you comfort in being okay with planning to start on Monday’s. If it weren’t for Monday’s, would many of us even bother?

The only caveat, is that once you plan to start on Monday, you at least owe yourself a Monday workout. Now if it continues throughout the week, then cool. If not, start again next week!

I feel that once you can regularly workout on Mondays, you may begin to experience the full psychological, physical and social benefits of exercise and just may be tempted to make mid-week and end-week exercise a habit.

You gotta start somewhere, why not make it a Monday.

Here are a couple of workouts to help:

Case of the Mondays

Monday Body Wake Up– Start your engines… Propulse through the week

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