The purpose of the Pyramid Recipe is to combine both strength training and cardiovascular exercise into one workout. This workout promotes both strength and endurance.

To Cook:
This recipe is very simple to do. Follow the recommended exercise for the given day. Start with doing 10 of every exercise. Once you have completed 1 set of 10 of each exercise, then perform 9 of each. After you have performed 9 repetitions of each, now do 8, then 7, then 6…. until you get to 1. After you finish at 1, do your last set of 11 of each exercise. After you finish 11, you have completed the workout!

Cooking Tips
Try to do as much as you can without taking breaks. However, take breaks as you need to, but keep record of when you do take breaks. You will see that as you advance, you will take fewer breaks.

If this workout becomes too easy, increase the amount of resistance that you use for each exercise.

Muscles Worked: Every muscle that you could possibly imagine.