You will never be alone on this one…

We have all been there. We get “comfortable.” It’s either too early to get up and workout or it’s too late in the day and you have expended your energy already with work, kids and other higher priority tasks. It’s no lie that it can be extremely difficult to get out of that slump. It’s almost like gravity got stronger or something and it’s magnetizing affect is directly aimed towards you!

Believe me that I know exactly where you are coming from. As I am writing this, I am trying to motivate myself to workout! Fortunately, I have learned a few self-motivating tips that help me fight through the gravitating pull of being comfortable.

Learning how to make yourself workout when you don’t want to is a skill that can be mastered with just a few easy tips.

How to Make Yourself Workout

  1. Drink some coffee. If you are a coffee or black tea drinker, try drinking a cup 15-20 minutes before you begin your workout routine. That extra boost of caffeine may help you get out of your post-work slump. Here is a great article that supports my recommendation: How Caffeine Can Galvanize Your Workout!
  2. Change into workout clothes. Instead of putting on your comfortable sweat pants, throw on a pair of gym shorts as soon as you get home to make yourself workout! Simply getting dressed to workout will get you one step closer to actually getting to that point. So, make it a habit to put on your gym clothes as soon as you get home instead of procrastinating ’til later.
  3. Exercise while you have something else going on that doesn’t require your full attention. I do this all of the time — like now! Slip in a few reps while you have dinner on the stove, or while you are doing another passive activity. Particularly, you can avoid becoming a “chair pear” and exercise while you are doing computer work.
  4. Workout before you take your shower. I’ve written a post on this idea previously, but I want to bring up this great idea again to help you make yourself workout. It’s simple — don’t take your daily shower until after you complete your workout for the day! On busy days, it doesn’t even have to be a full workout routine. Even if you just do a couple of squats, followed by a set or two of push ups, it’s still better than nothing. Do a little exercise, and then get fresh and clean!
  5. Picture yourself 5 years from today. Well, first, let’s start to where you were 5 years ago. If you were actively exercising then, you probably are fit and healthy today! Looking at it from this hindsight viewpoint may help you to make an investment into your health now so that it can pay off in the future.

Finally, when all else fails… Just get up and do it 😉

Choose your workout now!