While I love exercise and appreciate the many beneficial effects of regular workouts on your body and health, it means nothing if you eat the wrong foods.

For years, I have to admit, I neglecting teaching about the importance of a healthy diet — much less making sure my own diet was as good as it could be.

Then, I turned 21… And I noticed that my mid-section was increasing. Before, I could eat and drink with little discipline and I maintained a skinny-weight. I didn’t touch vegetables too often and ate fruits whenever available.  I don’t remember going to the store to stock my dorm room up with apples and frozen spinach. In fact, the only fresh food I ate was the lettuce on a hamburger (and that’s debatable!)

But as I matured and became more involved in diet and exercise research, I realized the importance of a good diet. Personally, once I started just paying attention to what I was eating, maintaining a healthy weight became easy. Not only that, but I also noticed that I felt better and had more energy on days when I made healthy dietary choices. Because feeling miserable is miserable, the changes stuck with me. What’s amazing is that I would have never known how good I could possibly feel if I never stepped outside my comfort zone.

What is Healthy Slant?

The Healthy Slant portion of Exercise Menu is an area set aside that teaches you how to cook recipes with a healthy slant — basically a better method of cooking foods you already eat! It’s a stress-free way to learn a different method of cooking particular foods, but in a healthy way. Because taste is most important, healthy changes to classic recipes will only be slightly altered (probably for the better!)

I grill, I sautee’, I bake. I pan fry. And I do my best to keep it cheap and make it healthy.

If you cook, then why not try to make a positive, healthy change in your methods for you and your family? Even better, submit your own recipes or advice that I can use to help others.

Let’s make it fun and enjoy cooking together.

Welcome to the Healthy Slant!