Few foods are more American than a good grilled hamburger! While eating healthy is important, you shouldn’t feel tortured as you are changing or adhering to your lifestyle changes. With a few changes in how you prepare your hamburgers can make quite a difference! Try this Exercise Menu Healthy Slant Grilled Hamburger Recipe and boost the nutrition of one of America’s greatest meals.

First, choose the proper type of beef for your grilled hamburger. You should definitely buy organic beef, as this is one of the foods that you must buy organic. You should also choose sirloin ground beef. Sirloin ground beef is about 90% lean, but still contains quite a bit of saturated fat. On the plus side, each 4 oz. grilled hamburger patty contains about 23 grams of protein! This high protein content actually makes a grilled hamburger a good post-workout meal.

Next, choose good breads. Instead of eating your grilled hamburger on a white bun, try a multi-grain bread or bun. Not only are you choosing to eat a complex carbohydrate instead of a simple one, but you will also feel more full after eating your grilled hamburger.

For toppings, use canola oil mayonnaise and pack on the vegetables! Top your burger with organic spinach, onions, tomatoes, pickles or cucumbers, green bell peppers and whatever other vegetables you can think of. This is how you boost the nutritional content of your hamburger to virtually make it a salad!

Healthy Slant Grilled Hamburger Recipe

Grocery List for 4 Grilled Hamburgers:

Grocery List

  • Sirloin Ground Beef – $6/pound (16 oz.)
  • Multi-grain Bread – $3
  • Vegetables/Toppings – $6
  • Canola Oil Mayonnaise – $3

Seasonings List:

  • Granulated Garlic Powder – 2 Tablespoons
  • Onion Powder – 1 Tablespoon
  • Worcestershire Sauce – 2 Tablespoons
  1. Heat your grill to medium-high heat.
  2. Mix one pound of sirloin ground beef with the granulated garlic powder, onion powder and Worcestershire sauce. 
  3. Form 4 equal 4 oz. patties. Make them fairly flat the keep the burgers thin.
  4. Place your patties on the grill.
  5. Cover the grill and cook  for 5-8 minutes or until the top of the patty is somewhat firm. Avoid burning the bottom!
  6. Flip the patties and cook for a remainder 3-4 minutes. Make sure no blood is coming from the patty and that they are all well-done.
  7. Lightly toast your bread.
  8. Lightly spread canola oil mayonnaise onto your bread.
  9. Place your grilled hamburger meat and vegetables topping on the bread and serve!

Eating healthy should not be a terrible burden! While a grilled hamburger is the staple healthy meal, we should all be able to enjoy one if we want. If you do; however, you can make a few changes and add a healthy slant to a classic, fun meal.