Eat five fruits and vegetables per day, walk 10,000 steps per day and perform 2-3 workouts per week and your health will drastically improve if you accomplish these three health goals.

According to a recent University of Pittsburgh study, 1 out of 1,900 Americans met the American Heart Association guidelines for heart health. That’s embarrassing and further necessitates the need for solid health goals for all Americans to follow.

However, now more than ever, more and more people want to eat healthy and want to be in shape. Many organizations, health sites and fitness writers have excellent recommendations, but it’s hard to follow the many health goals. Because being obese is linked to so many health problems, it makes sense to start with weekly goals to improve your “calories in minus calories out” equation.

Five Fruits and Vegetables Per Day is an Easy Health Goal

Eating five fruits and vegetables per day will solve many of your weight loss or health problems. Fruits and vegetables are sent from heaven as the “Soul Food” to good health. This food group provides many vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs to function efficiently. Furthermore, you can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables without gaining weight because of their high fiber, low calorie content. Fruits and veggies make multivitamins look silly…

Getting in five is easy to do. Remember one for breakfast, one or two for lunch, one as a snack (if you didn’t have two for lunch) and two for dinner. Choose an apple, grapes, strawberries or raisins for breakfast, pile on vegetables on your sandwich, snack on dried fruits and cover half of your dinner plate with nature’s finest. One last rule to help: Never eat a meal without a fruit or veggie.

10,000 Steps Per Day

Ten thousand steps per day is the equivalent of five miles, which seems like a daunting task. However, according to a study run by Dr. Tudor-Locke, published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (2004), men took an average of 7,192 steps per day and women an average of 5,210. Because every 2,000 steps is approximately a mile, we are only looking at walking an additional one to two miles per day. Of course, if you are averaging less, you will need to walk more. The more you walk, the more calories you burn. Purchase a pedometer, or find a pedometer iphone app,  and determine how many steps you walk per day at baseline. Then, make adjustments to your lifestyle to meet your health goal.

Take the steps, park far away, walk for a few minutes at lunch, walk in place at work or at home, walk your dog, walk in place when cooking, and on… and on… Congratulations once your pedometer hits 10,000 steps.

2-3 Workouts Per Week

Muscles burn fat at rest, muscles prevent and reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis, muscles improve your posture, and muscles look good! But, building a nice physique takes more effort than changing your diet or walking more each day. You must set aside time and purchase at least a pair of dumbbells or resistance band to get an effective workout. Similar to making dietary and activity changes, you must have a health goal to resistance train. You must accomplish performing 2-3 workouts each week from a variety of exercises. As long as you perform a wide variety of exercises that incorporate lower body, core and upper body workouts, you will be fine. Use heavier weight for bigger muscles, and use lighter weight to build endurance. Workout different muscle groups everyday, or perform total body workouts every other day. It doesn’t matter. Just do your 2-3 workouts each week and see your body change rapidly.

Three health goals- You got it 🙂