It’s hard to believe, but your day as an athlete has come and gone. As a former athlete, you will always have the memories, the stats, the records, the teammates and the lessons you learned in sport that you can now apply to life. But for some reason (marriage, children, career) your workout discipline did not quite carry over. But that’s okay, because you know why you should workout.  You remember how good you felt with little to no body fat back in the day. Well, now you are ready, and this former athlete workout plan is designed for you. It is time to get back in shape! Don’t let those good genes go to waste!

This one month former athlete workout plan will get you re-ignited. It will bring back memories of competition, challenge and success.

It’s game time.

Your Former Athlete One Month Workout Plan


Perform 3 workouts per week allowing a day of rest between sessions
Also be sure to include a cardiovascular workout routine 3-5 days per week.

Week One – Getting back to the basics

Back to the Basics Workout – Introduction to those body weight only exercises that I’m sure you are familiar with. Start getting back into those good ole’ habits here.

Glutes, Quads and Thighs Challenge Workout – Tighten up your lower body as it once was… Get those knees healthy again.

Finish this week with a nice upper body specific workout- Superfly Bi’s and Tri’s 

Week Two – Stepping up the pace

You should be over your soreness now… Let’s hit this one first: Multi-Joint Madness Workout

Get your power back: Explosive Athletic Power 20-Minute Workout

Feelin’ like the ole’ days yet? Just wait… In case you forgot, let me remind you- Tick Tock Challenge Workout

Week Three – Meet your challenges head on!

Now your spouse and kids are beginning to believe that you once had days of glory. Keep it up!

Let’s hit this one: Tough Upper Body Challenge Workout

Had a 6-pack? You want ’em back? Boxer’s Abs Workout

Finish with a Total Body – Boot Camp Challenge Workout

Week Four – The fourth quarter…

Mixing old workout routines with life’s challenges can be difficult. Sometimes you need a workout that fits your lifestyle: 10 Minute Total Body Circuit Workout

I let you off easy for your first workout. Time to step it up: Pushups, Lunges, Crunches Pyramid Workout

It’s the fourth quarter… 9th inning… second half… end of the match… Hit it hard: Tick Tock Challenge Workout 2- 600 Reps

Think where you were one month ago… Congrats. You are back!

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