Wouldn’t it be great if we could all buy organic, or say we all lived in a magical world where everything was perfect and all of us lead healthy lifestyles? Just picture a world where we were all doing our grocery shopping down at the local farmers markets, eating organic eggs from chickens that are busy running about in our own backyards, working in harmony with our local health conscious neighbors to buy 100% grass fed beef in bulk, foraging our local forests for fresh organic mushrooms and eggs, and hunting for wild deer for dinner that evening. I’m sure you are getting a very clear picture of how healthy we would all be if we were living this sort of lifestyle.

But if we are honest with ourselves for a second, I’m sure you realize that this just isn’t that realistic for most people… and truthfully I somehow doubt most people would want to spend their days living in this manner. Fortunately, there is the option these days to buy organic, but we still are faced with obstacles.

With a grocery store on every corner these days and the ability to literally get anything you want in a moments notice… it means that most people are just too used to their comfortable lifestyles to buy organic, and who can blame them.

But at the end of the day most people want to be healthy and make the best possible choices when it comes to buying food. We all want to make sure that not only are we getting the healthiest possible foods but that we are getting the best possible value too!

So to help you move in the right direction, I’ve put together a list of what I believe to be the most eaten foods out there, that you should definitely start to buy organic from now on. The bonus is that all these foods are easily available from your local grocery store, so you won’t have any excuses not to get them on your next shopping trip.

I’ve done my best to put the list together in order of importance, starting with the most important and ending with the least.

So to begin, these are foods that you should try your best to buy organic…

Full-Fat Dairy Products

Regardless of what you may believe, the reality is that most people around the world consume dairy in some form or another. If it isn’t milk then you are eating butter, yogurt or cream… but nonetheless you are consuming it.

So it is going to be in your interest to make sure that you do your very best to buy organic dairy from cows that are 100% grass fed, however the truth is that most people don’t live next to a farm so getting this sort of premium dairy is going to be hard. The more convenient option is to buy organic dairy from now on.

There are some really great benefits you will experience when you buy organic and the first is that the farmers who produce it, are required by law to follow some strict guidelines.

This means that the cows that produce this dairy must be getting at least 30% of their total calories from fresh grass. So what this ultimately means is that you will buy organic dairy that has come from a cow that has had a decent amount of fresh grass. So you can be sure that all those nutrients will be getting into your system!

The biggest problem when you buy organic ordinary dairy is that the cows that produce it, are given food that is largely contaminated with pesticides and all of these pesticides get passed onto the dairy that you end up eating. Not great if you are health conscious and want to improve the quality of the food that you eat.

Organic Beef

The guidelines and regulations that I referred to above in relation to organic dairy also apply to all the cows that produce organic beef! This means that farmers that claim that their beef is organic must make sure that their cows are getting at least 30% of their total calories from fresh grass. So not only will you buy organic beef that is more nutrient rich but it will also taste far better than what you are used to.

But keep in mind that while organic is great, nothing beats 100% grass fed beef. This is the option you should take if you can firstly, find it and secondly afford it.

While cows that give organic beef do get at least 30% of their calories from grass, the remaining calories come from soy and corn. However, the good news is that you can be sure that the food these cows are being given is neither genetically modified nor has a lot of pesticides in it.

On top of that the law also states that organic animals in general are not allowed to be given any sort of antibiotics or hormones!

So believe me, your money is being well spent when you buy organic or 100% grass fed beef! Not only will you be enjoying a better tasting meal but you will feel good that you are benefiting your health in a positive way.

Organic Eggs

I find that people always get confused by all the different eggs that are available in the supermarket, but believe me it is really simple. Your number one choice should be to get eggs that come from pastured chickens… and it doesn’t matter if they are organic or not. These are a little harder to come across so if you can’t find them buy organic eggs. That’s it. Stick to these two varieties and completely avoid ordinary eggs!

The reason for why you are going to want to avoid ordinary eggs is because the chickens that lay them are given food that is stuffed full of pesticides… and a lot of these pesticides gets passed onto the egg yolks of these eggs!

As you are trying to get healthier you are going to want to avoid those animals that are exposed to large amounts of pesticides. With pastured chickens you are being guaranteed that these chickens spend a large portion of their time in the outdoors eating things like grass and bugs.

So even if they are given organic feed, the portion they eat will be tiny to the amount of natural foods that they consume.

If you’re serious about improving your health I’d recommend that you either buy pastured or buy organic eggs!

Leafy Green Vegetables

The main reason why you should buy organic  leafy green vegetables such as spinach and lettuce is the fact that they all have extremely large surface areas!

So that means that pretty much the whole vegetable gets covered with the nasty pesticide spray that is applied, and ultimately this means that it is going to be really hard to remove in the long run.

When you have a strong vegetable such as a carrot or potato you can scrub that thing really hard until you know that all the pesticides have been removed but if you apply the same kind of force to a soft leafy vegetable like spinach then you are sure to just end up with a soft pile of mush!

And because vegetables are things that you should be eating on a regular basis it is really important that you buy organic vegetables.

Eating vegetables that are fully covered with pesticides on a regular basis is just asking for trouble when it comes to your long term health.

Of course as with any list out there, this isn’t the final one that you must follow without any change, but instead it is more of a reminder and guideline to help you on your own journey to better health. At the end of the day your list may look a little different and the only way to really get the best results is to analyze what you eat and then buy organic foods that you eat more frequently.

It really is as simple as that… keep this up and in the long run you will be in the best health of your life.


If you’d like to hear more from Sergio then you should definitely check out his blog over at www.hypothyroidismdietplan.org where he does he very best to help people all over the world get into really great health and fast.

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