At first, skepticism is rampant…

The EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel by Mission Athletecare is catching the attention of many in the fitness world.


The EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel utilizes new technology that allows the towel to cool up to 30 degrees below average body temperature when wet for up to 2 hours! In addition, Mission Athletecare boasts that the towel provides UPF 50 protection from the sun, absorbs sweat when dry, is lightweight and machine washable. Even more surprising (and triggers skepticism) is that the towel is chemical-free!

Ok − so we have a towel that cools to 30 degrees below body temperature, protects you from the sun, is machine washable and chemical-free?

Take a look!

EnduraCool Towel Review

Visual Appeal

At first glance, the choice of towel colors already grabbed my attention. If you didn’t know from the majority of colors on, I favor the color green. Sure enough, EnduraCool has a beautiful lime green towel; in addition to, other attractive colors including black, pink and blue.

The packaging is also intriguing. There are many graphics that simply explain what the towel does. Mission Athletecare did a good job in not underselling or overselling the EnduraCool Towel.

The Feel

Out of the box, my first impression was that the EnduraCool towel is the perfect size to carry with you or throw around your neck during a workout or athletic event. To the touch, the towel is soft, but also has an underlying sense of durability.

I needed to break a sweat to test out the towels “sweat absorbing capacity” claim. Fortunately, it took only a few minutes of standing outside in New Orleans summer weather to start perspiring. One wipe across the brow with the EnduraCool Towel and my face felt immediately fresh and the towel didn’t have that heavy feel that many towels get when soaked with sweat.

Overall, the EnduraCool towel has a high-quality feel with a structural sense of durability.

Cooling Properties

Now on to the fun part — testing out the cooling properties of the EnduraCool Towel. 

I took the towel to a hose and soaked it with water that was somewhat warm. I wrung the towel out as instructed and snapped it three times. Within seconds, the towel was significantly and comfortably cool.

To best describe the cooling feel to you — I must first say that it wasn’t “ice cold,” but a “NICE COLD.” The EnduraCool Towel was similar to the temperature of cold water from a faucet. To be honest, if I would have initially soaked the EnduraCool Towel in cold water, I wouldn’t have initially been impressed. However, considering that I used warm water, the cooling properties of this towel are significant.

Cooling Time

Not only are the cooling properties, well “cool,” but the time that the towel kept it’s low temperature was also notable. I spent about 2 hours outdoors during peak afternoon heat and the towel remained cool on the back of my neck up until about the last 15 minutes. At that point, the EnduraCool Towel dried out and I am assuming that is why it lost its cooling potential. It took me a few seconds to re-wet the towel and snap it a few times to further enjoy the cooling benefits.

Summary: EnduraCool Towel Review

I must say, the claims from Mission Athletecare seem to “hold water” (yes, another pun…). The EnduraCool Towel has a cooling effect that you will surely appreciate during those intense hot day workouts or athletic events. Maintenance is minimal and the towel can be washed with all of your other workout gear. If nothing else, the colors are attractive 😉

Overall, for the $12.99  price tag (if purchased from Amazon) is well worth it. A typical microfiber towel will cost you about $9 as it is, so why not invest a few more dollars to get a towel that cools.

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