The much anticipated Dr. Gourmet Iphone/Ipod Touch app has been released! As always, continually upgrades the site and products to meet the needs of his audience. The new Dr. Gourmet Iphone App is surely one you should consider downloading for your mobile device. Even better, the app is free!

The app, released 12/22/2010 is the first version of the Dr. Gourmet app. This version is simple, but offers convenient features in both an exercise diary and a food diary. The exercise diary allows you to track your calories burned with exercise.  Simply log the type of exercise you do and how long you perform it and the app will estimate how many calories you burned. Furthermore, it saves the date in which you performed a particular exercise so you can always reference this date. Hopefully, the app will allow you to print your exercise diary and sync with the Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan in future updates. Adding resistance exercise and allowing you to track the amount of weight and number of reps is a feature likely to present in future upgrades.

The food diary offers quite a few features for a first release food diary app. You can search the food or beverage, add the serving size and number of servings and the app will log it a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Furthermore, the nutrition facts are provided and will be added to your total nutrition for that day making this app convenient for those you are calorie counting. Even better, when you look at your Total Daily Nutrition Facts, the number or calories burned from exercise are also listed.  Again, being able to print this page, or having the app automatically calculate “calories in – calories out” would be a feature likely to present in future upgrades.

Try the Dr. Gourmet Iphone app for free today and share your comments and recommendations!

Jacques Courseault, M.D.

I would like to disclose that I am a contributing writer for Dr.