A spiritual reset is the most important in setting and maintaining goals. Every New Year’s Eve, over a million people show up to Times Square to celebrate the New Year. Large cities hold festivals and many shoot fireworks in celebration of another chance. Champagne bottles are popped and plates are filled with cabbage and black-eyed peas for good luck. Many are looking forward to having another chance at setting and reaching goals for the New Year. The hopes of hitting a complete reset button are on the horizon.

We fill our bodies with as much Holiday food and beverage with the plan to “start all over” the second the clock strikes midnight. At that time, our New Year’s resolutions will magically go into effect and we will become better people. At 11:57pm on 12/31, there is no way a workout will be done, but at 12:01am 1/1, it’s a whole different story.

As we know, many New Year’s resolutions barely survive the first week. In fact fewer than 10% of people maintain their resolutions for a year. Unfortunately, this occurs because the New Seeds were planted in infertile dirt. In other words, there was no foundation to help nurture our new changes and support our holistic “detox.”

In order for physical changes to begin and last, spiritual changes must be at the forefront. The mind must be detoxed and the spiritual reset button must be pushed here first. Many times we overlook the importance of a spiritual reset, because as soon as New Year’s Day comes and goes, so does January 2nd and 3rd… and so on, and now we are well into the year.

The hardest aspect of a spiritual reset is that it requires us to stop.

Yes stop…

Stopping is hard, because it forces us to take time away from other things that we could be doing. Stopping can also be uncomfortable in that we have to face and address the failures from last year. Stopping forces us to plan our new goals.

Stopping forces us to just “be.” And here in our “being” lies our success.

In order for us to “detox” ourselves we have to first learn how to spiritually detox on a regular basis, by learning how to be present in the moment many times a day. It’s the lack of presence that allows bad habits to ease in. In the lack of presence and in the moment of stress, we eat too many cheese balls or drink one too many glasses of wine. In the lack of presence and gratitude for our bodies, we allow laziness to overcome determination when it comes to deciding whether or not to workout.

So, this year, your “detox” is not a single special event that magically happens at midnight on New Year’s. Your spiritual reset needs to occur on a regular basis, moment from moment, challenge from challenge and from obstacle to obstacle. There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed and face tough circumstances and temptations this year. But if you decide to and practice resetting your mind continually, you will stay fresh and on the right path the whole year.

How to Hit Your Spiritual Reset Button

The answer is in planning time for your mind and spirit in a similar manner as you would exercise. Fortunately, you do not need equipment to exercise your mind, but you do need time.

Each morning, you must start your day off with scheduled meditation and prayer. You can choose to just sit and focus on your breath or a certain part of your body, or you can choose to focus on a biblical scripture or daily devotional. This must be done everyday.

Next, you must plan time during your lunch break to sit and hit the spiritual reset button from the morning activities. You may just need a minute or two to repeat your daily devotional or meditate. Simply, just sitting and staring is alright too.

Hitting the spiritual reset button before you fall asleep, is the last important time to detox your mind. “Stuff” during the day builds up, and you must release it before going to sleep so your mind doesn’t use energy trying to do this. Your mind should be building while you sleep, not repairing. A quick meditation and prayer should be done here as well.

Journaling can also be a useful tool to help you hit your spiritual reset button. Not only can you physically dump your ideas on paper, but you can also watch your growth over this next year.

Finally, you should remember to hit your spiritual reset button anytime during the day when you feel that your “bin” is full. Just stop, break the chain of routine, say a prayer, and then get back into your task.

In Summary

A spiritual reset is the most important step for a complete, holistic detox. A physical detox is useless, unless the mind is refreshed and renewed continually. You must find what works best for you, but generally, regular meditation works for many. Clean out your spiritual garbage disposal, live in the present moment and maintaining your physical health will be the natural side effect.