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The After Thanksgiving Meal Workout!

Ok… Either you did well and followed your plan to eat “light-er and healthi-er” this year. But… If you are like the rest of us, chances are that you overdid it a little bit. Either […]

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500 Rep Total Body Workout Routine

Some days you just want to really push and challenge yourself with a total body workout routine. What I like most about the 500 rep workout routine is that you can make this workout format […]

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The Ultimate Compact Workout Routine

It was a Friday. It was a great day at work. I was kinda tired. And it was tempting to end a 2-week streak of exercise.

I had to come up with something.

This workout not only […]

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Every Muscle 500 Rep Workout Routine



  • Which is most important for weight loss? Diet or exercise? Find out now!

  Learn the 500 rep workout routine.

I hope you enjoyed the 4-minute Tabata workout routine yesterday! Talk about tough! […]

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“Lazy Day” 20-Minute Circuit Lazy Workout

This lazy workout routine is designed for you if you feel like this: “”Today I don’t feel like doing anything… (whistle, whistle, whistle), all I want to do is lay in my bed…” -Bruno Mars, […]

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Crazy 5’s Tabata Workout Routine

If you are unfamiliar with the Tabata workout, I highly recommend that you read this article. Tabata workouts are really the absolute best way to workout. Tabata workout routines are clearly time-efficient (4-minutes […]

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20-Minute Circuit Guilt Killer Workout – Get Back into Exercise!

Okay… So, you took Thursday off (because it was almost Friday), didn’t workout Friday (becauseĀ it “technically” is the weekend), and Saturday and Sunday you relaxed because you are going to get in a good workout […]

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The Perfect Saturday Workout Routine

It’s Saturday, and your day to spend how you want. Wake up when you want. Eat a good breakfast and start your day with the Perfect Saturday Workout Routine!

I am writing this article during my […]

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Workout Routine: Monday Recharge 20-Minute Circuit Workout

Recharge and ignite! Recharge and ignite! You got your recharge over the weekend, now it is time to blow up your workout routine! Beginning your week with a 20-minute circuit workout routine is perfect, because […]

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