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What is the Benefit of a Pedometer for Weight Loss?

Q: I’m looking into purchasing a pedometer for weight loss? What would be the benefit?

pedometerA:  A pedometer is a tool that counts how many steps you […]

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Beginner’s Fitness Module: Learn How to Exercise and Lose Weight

Tired of figuring out the right way to exercise, get fit and lose weight? Want to learn how to workout and lose weight the right way?

If you are a follower or Exercise Menu.com, you will […]

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How to Avoid Eating Out Streaks

Avoid Eating Out!

I love New Orleans, and I love the great cuisine this city has to offer. I have to admit to taking advantage of eating out from the many tasty restaurants in the region. […]

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Fitness vs. Fatness: Which is Most Important?

Fitness vs. Fatness

Fitness vs. fatness? Which is most important when it comes to being healthy? Well, I have good news for those who are seriously exercising but having difficulty dropping pounds.

It may be time to […]

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Slow, Mindful Eating Can Help You Lose Weight!

If you are looking for a simple way to avoid packing on the pounds, slow, mindful eating may be another practical tool to add to your weight loss tool box.

You may have come […]

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Dangers of Obesity: The Risks of Being Overweight

Imagine waking up one morning realizing that you have soiled your sheets and are unable to speak or move one side of your body. After realizing you just had a stroke, you are grateful that […]

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The Afterburn Effect: Calories Burn 14 Hours After Vigorous Exercise

Want to know how to workout to lose weight? It’s all in the afterburn effect! Put in a dedicated 45 minutes of high-intensity exercise and burn additional calories for the next 14 hours, reports the […]

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Fight Hunger Pangs and Beat the Urge to Eat

Q: What are practical, realistic ways to fight hunger pangs to beat the urge to eat?

A: First of all. Congratulate yourself. Why? Because hunger pangs are the first sign that you are decreasing your caloric […]

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