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Stay Motivated to Exercise
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Learn how to exercise and stay motivated with inspirational articles provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.!

How to Avoid Missing a Workout

“I’m gonna start Monday…” A phrase that we all have used and made a regular practice of in some point of our exercise lives. Sometimes we start strong on Monday and maintain. Other times, our […]

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Overcome the 4 Most Common Excuses for Skipping a Workout

It’s that time of day. You know… The 20 to 30 minutes that you set aside today for your workout. But, at this point, your brain is feeling stronger than your body and rapid firing […]

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Are Health and Fitness Activity Monitors Worth It?

Wearable electronic monitoring devices are amazingly popular these days. In the “old days” pedometers would mostly (inaccurately) monitor how many steps you took to provide some feedback regarding your levels of physical activity. Today, there […]

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5 Tips to Convince Yourself to Exercise Today

Yes, some of us are blessed with the desire to exercise, sweat, and burn muscles until they are no longer functional. However, most of us prefer browsing the internet, watching good TV or relaxing with […]

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Exercise Efficiently: 5 Ways to Learn While Exercising

One of the biggest downfalls or setbacks to exercise is that it can take a good chunk of time out of your day. Grant it, it’s important enough to commit 1/2 an hour a day […]

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Lose Weight, Sleep Better and Be Happier

Five percent of your weight is all it takes to catch better Zs and feel more “Bob Marley-ish,” according to a new study presented Tuesday at the joint meeting of the International Society of […]

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Choose to Exercise Daily: It’s Your Body, It’s Your Choice

Everyday we are bombarded with decisions to make. What time should I get up? Should I get up now or snooze? What’s for breakfast? Should I leave early… or late? What should I wear? It’s […]

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Exercise Motivation: How to Get Through a Workout Drought

Exercise Motivation

Looking for exercise motivation? I’m going to be straight with you…

Missing a workout is inevitable. There is nothing you can do about it but accept it and move on.

Drew Brees (yes the great New […]

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How to Handle Lazy Workout Days

Learn a workout routine you can perform without getting off the couch.

How to Handle Lazy Workout […]

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