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Are You a “Chair Pear?” Earn Your Social Media Time with Exercise

Back in the day, it used to be “too much TV” to blame for the onset of the obesity epidemic in America. Now the Couch Potatoes are out of season and the “Chair Pears” that […]

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Fitness vs. Fatness: Which is Most Important?

Fitness vs. Fatness

Fitness vs. fatness? Which is most important when it comes to being healthy? Well, I have good news for those who are seriously exercising but having difficulty dropping pounds.

It may be time to […]

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Fitness Tip: Sign a Workout Contract and Pay Yourself For Exercising

Fitness Tip

Need a method to make a solid commitment, while saving money and making money at the same time? Sign a workout contract and try paying yourself for working out! Sound silly? You will be […]

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Exercise Menu Newsletter Sign Up

If you are looking to receive timely, reliable emails dedicated to teaching you how to workout and lose weight, then the Exercise Menu Newsletter will help you achieve your goals! Sign up below and join […]

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Instrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation and Forming Long-Term Exercise Habits

A lack of motivation to exercise regularly is the number one reason why most of us don’t. Sure, time is a close second, but let’s face it. We can all find 10-30 minutes a day […]

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The Foundation of Fitness: Mental Health

Fitness is often only thought of as physical health. We talk about cardiovascular exercise, weightlifting, circuit training, etc, but often neglect the true foundation of fitness: mental health.

If you are finding it difficult to commit […]

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How to Lose Weight Successfully: Timothy French’s Weight Loss Statistics and Testimonial


Don’t Weight to Lose Body Compositions:

Body Comp Date Weight (lbs)
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Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: How to Get Good Results!

Summer 2010 was full of events and positive feedback. My annual physical in July showed amazing improvements in my blood work. I was […]

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Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: Why Exercise to Lose Weight

Portion control was working well and I lost weight. My wife allowed me to put my bicycle in our dining area, which […]

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