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High-Intensity Training: Importance of Slow-Paced Resistance Training

High-intensity training is not working out to the extreme. It does not involve lifting insanely heavy weight at a pace that only the best athletes can do. In contrast, high-intensity training involves slower, more controlled […]

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The Most Functional Exercises for Fitness

When I evaluate an exercise, I immediately think, “what is the purpose of this? Is this a functional exercise?”

Functional exercises, help us to become functional fit.  Functional fitness is defined as having the physical capacity […]

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Cardio and Resistance Training Workout for 50-Year-Olds

The optimal cardiovascular and resistance training workout plan for 50-60 year olds to maintain health, strength and fitness!

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Resistance Bands: The Key to Simple, Effective Muscle Building

Phil Hitchcock, a Tulane University School of Medicine student, teaches you the proper way to exercise with a resistance band workout routine designed to build muscle, strength and improve endurance.

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Is Your Workout Useless?

You may have a strong commitment to a dedicated workout routine, but you may be wasting your time with useless workouts if you are not practicing certain methods that have been show to help you get the most gains from your workout. Follow this advice to make sure you don't waste any more time!

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Beginning an Exercise Program and When To See Your Doctor

Beginning an Exercise Program

If you have reached this post, clearly you are interested in beginning an exercise program and are aware the many […]

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The Proper Diet to Build Muscle and Get Ripped

For years I spent a lot of time in the gym trying to get “ripped,” or really develop the tone in my muscles. My workout program changed frequently, but I could not quite the get […]

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Long-Term Benefits of Exercise on Muscles

They say milk does a body good… Well, milk takes a backseat to the long-term benefits of exercise… In a stretch limo!

The musculoskeletal system is one of the most precise, frequently adaptable systems in the […]

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Abdominal Crunches Safety Concerns; Choose Pilates Crunches or Ab Planks

If you are doing the classic “hands behind the head” abdominal crunch to tighten up your core, I strongly suggest you consider including other exercise alternatives if you want to maintain the health of your […]

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