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How to Exercise Fitness Tips
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Learn how to exercise with fitness tips to improve your technique to get the most out of your workout! Provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.

How to Tone Up and Lose Excessive Skin After Weight Loss

One of the least talked about “side effects” of a lot of weight loss includes extra skin and decreased tone. Prior to weight loss, excessive fat used to occupy these areas, but now that the […]

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How to Avoid Missing a Workout

“I’m gonna start Monday…” A phrase that we all have used and made a regular practice of in some point of our exercise lives. Sometimes we start strong on Monday and maintain. Other times, our […]

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3 Things to Do After You Workout

Finishing a workout is one of the most rewarding experiences of the day. Not only are you proud of yourself for squeezing in an effective workout into your day, but you also feel less stressed […]

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Health Benefits of Resistance Training: The 500 Rep Workout

If someone else tells you one more time you need to exercise, your first workout may be chasing them down! We are all aware of the benefits of “exercising,” but resistance training, in particular, the […]

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11 Fitness Tips for a Healthy and Safe Exercise Lifestyle

Learn more about fitness with eleven tips to achieve a successful lifestyle of fitness:

  • Think of exercise as something you have to do to stay healthy. You have to shower, brush your teeth, put […]
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Overcome the 4 Most Common Excuses for Skipping a Workout

It’s that time of day. You know… The 20 to 30 minutes that you set aside today for your workout. But, at this point, your brain is feeling stronger than your body and rapid firing […]

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Should You Exercise When Sick?

Its that time of the year again! While we can enjoy getting cozy with our blankets in anticipation of the Holidays, it’s also the time of the year where illness is rampant. If you have […]

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Curl and Delts: The Best Exercise for Biceps and Shoulders

Few muscle groups are more attractive than bigger biceps, well-toned arms and developed shoulders. I love the curls and delts exercise because you are knocking out two exercises in one. When I’m done with this […]

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Cold Weather Exercise: Tips to Get Past Workout Blues

It is hard for me to accomplish cold weather exercise… Even worse, I feel completely justified when cold temperatures are my excuse to skip a workout routine because there is nothing I can do about […]

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