Your biceps muscles serve a larger purpose in your life than they ever have. Now you have learned how to use your biceps muscles to perform transfers and complete your activities of daily living. Because this muscle group is instrumental in helping you to take care of yourself, you must exercise them to keep them functional, strong and healthy. There is no better exercise to help you achieve this goal than the Biceps Curl in a Wheelchair.


Biceps Curl in a Wheelchair.

Muscles Worked: Biceps, Shoulders.

Equipment: Wrap around arm weights.

Starting Position: Sit straight up in your wheelchair, making sure that you back is firmly pushed against the back of your chair. If necessary, have someone hold your shoulders back for you.

Action: Slowly bend at your elbow to lift the arm weight upwards against gravity. Raise as high as you can.

Slowly lower the arm weight back to the starting position. The movement down is where you will put the most stress on your biceps muscles.



1.     Maintain a regular breathing pattern during this exercise. Do not hold your breath.

2.     Perform repetitions with your thumb upwards and with your thumb pointed away from your body to work different muscles in your upper arms.

3.     Try doing both arms at the same time if possible.

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