The best core exercises for a good workout are simple and do not involve special weights or exercise equipment. Core exercises are important because many people are dealing with back problems secondary to weak core muscles. Science has shown us that strengthening your abdominal muscles and back muscles will not only improve your posture and your overall look, it will also help prevent and reduce back pain.When you think about it, all you have holding up your upper body are your core muscles. The small vertebra in your back surely can’t do the job. In fact, when your core muscles are weak, a lot of force is placed on your spine, which eventually leads to wear and tear, AKA disc bulges. The breakdown of discs and bones in your back will lead to pain and impaired function over time. Perform these exercises to keep you back strong and healthy. Of course, you want to make sure your doctor approves of the workout routine you want to try to keep your back strong.

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Best Core Exercises


Jog in Place (warm up for 2 minutes)

Wood Chop (Dumbbells)

– Do ten on each side. Use a weight that makes completing ten repetitions challenging. If you can do too many reps, then you need to choose a heavier weight. Alternatively, you can use a light weight and perform multiple reps.

Ab Planks

– Hold for 30 to 45 seconds. Take a break when you need to. Once you get stronger, try to hold for a minute or longer. 


– Hold for30 to 45 seconds. Take a break when you need to.

Ab Twist (Dumbbell)

– Continue to perform abdominal twists until you fatigue. Working out to fatigue is the best way to strengthen core muscles. 

Pilates Crunch 45 Degree Hold

– Hold for 10 to 15 seconds to begin, then increase the time you can hold this position. Hold if until you fatigue to best strengthen your core muscles.

If this was a challenging workout for you, just go through this set one time until you build your endurance. If you can, try to go through it two or three times to get the maximum benefit from this workout.