I am completely using author privileges for today’s post. But, I cannot ignore this opportunity to express my and the city’s excitement for the Kickoff of the New Orleans Saints 2010 season. Talk about an example and a lesson in dedication, commitment and a “can do” attitude. I know it’s “just football,” but think about were the Team and the City were five years ago. I honestly don’t think either could have been in worse shape.

Courtesy of the MissourianBut at some point, a decision was made that was supported with the strength of God, to rebuild both for the better.

The parallels are intriguing. The City and the Organization decided to change mindsets, whether it be personnel or the overall plan. A change in mindset led to a change in strategy, which ultimately produced different, and needless to say, better results.

The change did not take place overnight. It was not easy. It was painful, and the uncertainty of the outcome was bone-aching and flesh-wrenchingly stressful!

But after years pushing, hoping and praying both are Champs in so many ways.

Don’t take these great examples for granted.

You can join the party and get out of the past. Yes, things may be against you. Yes, there is work to do.

Change your mindset. Break your addictions to those unhealthy foods. Develop a new game plan that includes healthy, Mediterranean-style foods of proper portions.

Schedule workouts. Whether it’s Exercise Menu Workouts or whatever. Just do something! You will only get out what you put into it.

Then, imagine yourself at the end of your season. You can take a deep breath, look up to the sky, look down at your slim waist line, feel the new muscles in your legs and arms and consider yourself a Champion.

But tonight, let loose, have fun, be safe and of course “stand up and get CRUNK!”