Your abs and back are essential to exercise to maintain core strength. Core strength is associated with a better ability to perform daily tasks. In addition, core strength can help your sports performance and improve your ability to strengthen other muscles. According to Harvard Health Publications, you should not just perform crunches as it can cause an unbalanced core. Instead, use a variety of different abdominal and core exercise to make sure you stay balanced. Keeping this in mind, the Abs and Back Pyramid Workout Routine is designed to work the many muscles groups in your abs and back to keep your core strength at its best!

Abs and Back Pyramid Workout Routine


Perform 10 of each exercise. Then perform 9 of each, then 8, then 7 all the way down to 1. Perform a final set of 11.

Try to perform this with a dumbbel. Start with a low weight and work your way up as your strength improves.

Go slow and keep your control.

These are tough!!! Do your best!

Do on each side!

Instead of reps, a count to 3 counts as 1 repetition.

Keep in mind that in order to have your abdominal muscles show through, you have to lose body fat. While strengthening your abs will make your muscles bigger, it will not burn fat over your belly, or spot reduce. Instead, make sure you keep your portions small, avoid processed foods and choose high-protein foods. When you eat carbohydrates, be sure to choose complex (whole-wheat, multi-grain) carbohydrates. Stick to a healthy diet and you will have beautiful, visibly strong abs and back muscles in no time!