It’s amazing how “locked in” we are as humans. Our capabilities and spiritual power are endless, but we live each day significantly restrained. We are restrained by fear, time, influences, habits, other people and family pressures. Our restraints truly have a weight-like character that holds us down to prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Each day we only have a few true responsibilities — stay intimately connected with our spirit, nourish our relationships, and care for our bodies.  If there is an ounce of attention given to these three areas each day, we would literally astonish ourselves!

  1. Wake up early and meditate. Astonish yourself and wake up 10-15 minutes early to start or continue your meditation habit. Read scripture or something that motivates you. Clear your mind and start your day off fresh. See a new perspective and focus on a way to improve your spiritual self today. Commit to your plan. Try a morning yoga workout routine.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eating a breakfast is associated with a decreased risk for chronic disease and weight loss.  Change your habit of not eating breakfast, or eating unhealthy foods. Similar to starting off with a fresh mind, your body needs a fresh refuel. Put more focus and pride into what you eat to start your day. Stay away from processed cereals or foods and choose to eat fruits, eggs, and multi-grain cereals or breads. Start your day with a fresh full glass of water, which can be followed with a cup of coffee or tea.
  3. Choose to be positive and energetic. It can be hard to go through each day with a high-energy positive mind. But the truth is that you are capable of doing so. No matter what you may be experiencing, the fact that you are alive and reading this post means that you have trillions of cells and nerve connections that are working to support you today. In addition, we all have a vibrant spirit that is the source of our energy and positive potential. Follow steps 1 and 2 and you will soon see this manifest in your life. Stay present and watch your positive energy astonish yourself and others.
  4. Exercise today. The way you “feel” is also strongly correlated with how much you exercise. Exercise has been shown to release endorphins (the “feel good” hormone) when a certain amount and intensity of exercise is achieved. In addition, if you are strengthening your muscles and sweating out calories, chances are that you will improve or completely get rid of any pain in your muscle and joints. While there are many workout routines and programs you can join, just make a commitment to spend 20-30 minutes today doing something! Make it your personal rule to never skip to or more days of exercise, no matter what. Even if you just squeeze in 50 jumping jacks, that is better than nothing and will help you maintain a good exercise practice. You can be that person who cares for their body. Your body is one of the few things that just belongs to you!
  5. Control your food choices and habits. I live in New Orleans and love food! I think about food all of the time and frequently overindulge. It’s tough to stay disciplined. However, the truth is that if you eat a healthy breakfast, exercise and stay present when eating, you will make healthier food choices and will not overeat. A healthy breakfast will keep you from feeling hungry. Exercising will cause your body to crave healthier foods. Staying present in the moment will help you to eat slower and enjoy every bite so you will not need to eat a lot to feel full.
  6. Spend time with your family and friends. Why do people text their Group B friends while spending time with Group A? Why do people Tweet and post to Facebook everything they do instead of enjoying the moment with family and friends? I will admit that I am all about technology, but there has to be a balance. I will also admit that this balance can be difficult to find. I spend tons of time on the computer while working on Exercise Menu. I just love writing! But at the same time, I love to chill with my family and friends. So the solution? Back to step 1. I wake up earlier to clear my mind and to write. If I have extra time in the morning, I will interact with the social media world. Now that the stuff that want to do is done, I can dedicate the rest of my day to others!
  7. Clear your mind before you go to bed.  Not every issue is going to be resolved before you go to sleep. Some days you will have that luxury. On those days when things are pending, let them “pend!” Refocus your mind to the present moment and peace of the night as your head lays on your pillow. Be thankful for both the blessings and the challenges for the day as they are all meant to make you better.

Follow these seven simple tips and you will do more than you ever thought capable and will truly be astonishing!