A goal to reduce fat and optimize lean body mass is a milestone we should all try to achieve. Reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass really is the mantra of fitness. Ninety percent of the battle in reducing fat is won with optimizing the diet, particularly with a dedicated focus on perfecting the Mediterranean Diet. Lean body mass; however, is optimized with the proper workout regimen that helps to maximize fat burn and increase muscle gain. This 6-Week Workout Program to Optimize Lean Body Mass is specifically designed with these goals in mind.

During this program, you will learn and incorporate various workout program that are targeted to burning fat and improving lean body mass. In addition, you will learn how to meet these goal in the most time-efficient ways. Finally, the workouts are simple, can be done at home with minimal equipment and will help you achieve or get closer to your goal.

Take a chance on committing to this 6-week workout program. Why not???


For your convenience, here is an awesome spreadsheet created by Tori Hommel, ATC, LAT!

Let’s start off with the basics this week. The Multi-Joint Pyramid Workout Routine is designed to teach you the basic body weight only exercises that you need to know to stay fit. In addition, the high-paced nature of this workout routine will help you to both burn calories and build muscles to optimize lean body mass. Perform this workout three times this week with one day of rest between each workout.

Multi-Joint Pyramid Workout Routine

You successfully made it through your first week of the 6-Week Workout Plan to Optimize Lean Body Mass! Now that you have overcome your soreness and are in a groove, it’s time to step up the pace and volume. This week, in addition to a resistance training workout routine, we will also add a few additional days of lean body mass optimizing cardiovascular exercise. Perform the resistance training workout 3 times this week, and perform your cardio workout 2 days this week.

Resistance training workout:

500 Rep Multi-Joint Calorie Burn

Cardio workout:

10-20-30 Run

Hopefully, after two week of gradually more intense training, you are beginning to notice that your body composition is improving. A great way to check is to purchase a scale that can measure your body composition because weight alone can be deceiving.

This week, we are going to continue with the 5 days of training (3 days resistance training, 2 days of cardio), two days of rest plan. As far as resistance training, we are going to go back to a circuit-style workout that both increases strength and burns calories. For cardio, this is the week that I introduce you to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Resistance training:

20-Minute Weight Loss Circuit Workout

Cardio workout:

Suicide Sprints

Nice work in meeting your halfway milestone of this 6-Week Workout Program to Optimize Lean Body Mass. This week, we are going to keep it super simple with a pyramid workout routine that only requires you to perform three different, classic exercises. For cardio, we are are going to enjoy some longer distance, moderate-paced running. By now, you may have gotten a sense that I am a big fan of high-intensity interval training, but there is also a benefit to just going for a run sometimes.

When running this week, I want you to appreciate the your progress thus far in this 6-week workout program. Enjoy being present during your run. Enjoy your environment. Enjoy at running at your pace, because next week we will surely pick it up!

Perform your resistance training workout three times this week. Run twice.

Resistance training:

Quick Start Pyramid Workout

Cardio workout:

Simple 5K run

The theme for week 5 will be to mix high-volume resistance training with a super-efficient cardio workout routine that you will come to know as Tabata training. For resistance training, we will bring it back to the Exercise Menu favorite 500 rep workout routine. In particular, we will perform a 500 rep workout that will work nearly, if not every, muscle in your body!

For cardio, there is a trade-off… It’s again, called Tabata Training. The good news? The workout is only 4 minutes. The bad news… These 4 minutes are the toughest that you will ever experience in your workout life!

An additional benefit — when it comes to fat burn, Tabata Training is an effective means of burning fat that may be superior to traditional methods. Keep in mind too, that although you are only exercising for 4 minutes, there is an extensive use of energy after your workout to restore balance in your body and muscles. The harder you work, the more calories your body has to burn to normalize your body’s internal environment. So, enjoy the challenge of Tabata Training as you learn to incorporate it often in your future workouts.

Perform your resistance training workout 3 times, cardio twice.

Resistance training:

The Every Muscle 500 Rep Workout

Cardio workout:

The 4-Minute Tabata Workout

Here we are… Week 6… And the Week 6 surprises that come along with the last week of this workout program…. Challenges…

This week, you will amaze yourself. You will be in awe of the progress you made during this 6-Week Workout Program to Optimize Lean Body Mass.

In order to amaze yourself, I have a few challenges for you to complete. If you are near your goal for this 6-week workout plan, these challenges will get you far past the finish line. Perform the resistance training workout three times per week, and the cardio workout three times.

Finish strong!

Resistance training:

600 Rep Challenge Workout

Cardio workout:

10-Minute Burpee Challenge