Some days you just want to really push and challenge yourself with a total body workout routine. What I like most about the 500 rep workout routine is that you can make this workout format as simple or as challenging as you want. In addition, you can choose to target specific areas or challenge multiple muscles in one single workout. To burnout your total body, we will perform 5 multi-joint exercises, 100 reps each, to give you the amazing full body tone you are looking for.

For the 500 rep workout, perform 100 reps of each exercise. Try to perform as many reps as you can without stopping, but take a rest break when you need to. Record your time below for personal reference (try to beat next time you visit this workout) and to encourage others who are also challenging themselves with this Total Body Workout Routine.


500 Rep Total Body Workout


Perform 100 reps of each exercise as fast as you can. Take breaks when you need to.

One of my favorite total body workouts because the Wood Chop works your abs, legs and upper body muscles. Perform 50 on each side.

Muscles Worked:Shoulders, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, core muscles.

An excellent lower body workout. You will be sore tomorrow! Perform 100 reps.

Muscles Worked: Quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves.

Want to build bigger biceps. There is no better workout than the Curls and Delts… Knock out 100 reps.

Muscles Worked: Biceps, shoulders, trapezius, core muscles.

You gotta keep your core healthy. Not only to tone your abs, but also to prevent back pain. Hold for 200 seconds to equal 100 reps.

Muscles Worked: Abdominal muscles, back muscles, lower leg muscles, triceps.

Some classic exercise will always be good for you. 100 reps may seem like a lot. But break it up into smaller sets. A toned upper body is a beautiful thing…

Muscles Worked: Pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulders.

Nice work! Post your time below to track your time on Facebook below and encourage others!

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