Tonight I’m feeling kinda lazy, not gonna lie. Getting up off of the couch will take a bit of inner motivation, but I can negotiate with doing a floor workout tonight. It’s tempting to skip, but a weak workout when you aren’t feeling it is better than waiting for that “perfect” workout! So, tonight, I’m going to design a 500 rep floor workout routine that we can all turn to on those real chill, “not feeling exercise” evenings.

I try to keep all of the Exercise Menu workouts simple, and this 500 rep floor workout will be no different. In fact, no equipment will be needed to complete this workout. Just your body… Most of the exercises in the 500 rep floor workout will be more postural in nature. That’s all.

Let’s get to the 500 rep floor workout routine!

500 Rep Floor Workout

For the 500 Rep Floor Workout, perform 50 repetitions of each exercise, and then repeat (if you have enough energy too)!
What would a floor workout be without push ups?
Give your backside some attention. 50 on each side.
Workin’ that core!
Workin’ your quads and lower abs.
Hold for 200 total seconds to equal 100 reps