Yes, some of us are blessed with the desire to exercise, sweat, and burn muscles until they are no longer functional. However, most of us prefer browsing the internet, watching good TV or relaxing with family, especially after a long day of work. The last thing that we want to do in the few hours we have to ourselves is exercise…

You are not alone. Those days creep up on me often, and at this point in my life, I am running out of self-convincing strategies to keep me exercising regularly. Yes, at times I can be an exercise junkie, but more often than not, I would rather do other things.

Here are 5 ways to convince yourself to exercise and workout. If you have your own strategies, feel free to help me and everyone else out!

1. Exercise as soon as you get home.

This reduces the temptation of putting exercise on the backburner and getting involved in other things.

2. Turn up the music!

Start dancing around a little. Run in place. Get your heart rate up for a few minutes. You may find that once you wake your body up a little, you may be more willing to commit to your workout today.

3. Workout with a partner.

Many studies have shown that working out with someone else will make you more likely to do it. Plus it’s more fun, and you aren’t suffering alone…

4. Grab the fat!

This may be a little blunt… But grab the part of your body that you want to improve the most. Say “it’s time to go” and focus today’s workout on performing exercises to improve this area. Remember, in the case of reducing fat, cardiovascular exercise is key.

5. Pray, meditate, contemplate…

Now we are trying real hard…

“I can do all things through Christ…” Sometimes, it takes a higher power to get us to do things, whatever that higher power is for you. During the day, we can get so caught up in our physical nature, that we neglect the strong spiritual power that we all have. This is the time where you “dig deep” and move beyond your physical limitation in order to improve your overall well-being. Exercise obviously improves our physical nature, but more importantly, improves our mental state. Even science can prove it! Believe it or not, exercise works as well, if not better, than antidepressants. Chemical signals that resemble narcotic medications, such as morphine, are released during exercise, that cause us to, well, feel good.

Good luck today, and treat yourself with 20-45 minutes of good exercise.