T.G.I.F! Although those wonderful family sitcoms, Family Matters, Boy Meets World and Step By Step are waaaaaay obsolete, there still exists the sense of completion of a busy week and pending relaxation on the horizon as Saturday approaches. Fridays are probably the most common days that workout routines are dropped because of this trough in motivation and tease of upcoming chill time. So to help us all stay consistent, I put together this 5 Minute Friday Workout Routine!

The 5 Minute Friday Workout combines high-intensity cardiovascular and resistance training principles to help you get in a decent workout in minimal time. Just be sure to give a 100% effort and you will reap the benefits of today’s plan.

5 Minute Friday Workout

Perform as many repetition of each exercise as you can for 30 seconds. Repeat the circuit when done. Try not to rest between exercises if possible.
Get your heart rate up!
Focusing on lower body muscles!
Working the upper body muscles!
Now hit your abs!
Give a full 30-second effort!
Don’t forget to repeat the circuit!