At any point in time, without cost, you can take advantage another chance to continue our good habits or improve upon old ones. I have learned about the value of simplicity during the past year, and have learned to incorporate simplicity principles into my workouts (of which many have been posted). This 4-week workout plan will be no different.

The simple goals of this 4-week plan is to both improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength with as little time investment as possible. Because many of the workouts on this site are body weight/dumbbell/intensity-based, the workouts in this 4-week plan are appropriate for all fitness levels. Simply choose a heavier weight during a specific dumbbell exercise, or move faster depending on your level of fitness.

Simply follow the workout for the day. That’s it!

4-Week New Body Workout Plan

Day 1

Push Ups, Abs and Lunges

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Day 2

12-Minute HIIT Workout

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Day 3

10-Minute Biceps and Arms

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Day 4

20-Minute Abs and Legs

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Day 5

500 Rep Body Weight Workout

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Rest Day 6 & 7

Day 8

Multi-Joint Pyramid Workout

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Day 9

10-20-30 Workout

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Day 10

Slow-Paced Abs and Back Workout

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Day 11

500 Rep Upper Body

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Day 12

20-Minute Booty Blast!

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Rest Day 13 & 14

Day 15

Boot Camp

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Day 16

4-Minute Squat Jumps

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Day 17

Posture Workout

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Day 18

10-Minute Upper Body

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Day 19

20-Minute HIIT Sprints

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Rest Day 20 & 21

Day 22

10-Minute Burpee Challenge

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Day 23

Shoulders Slow-Pace

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Day 24

Total Body Pyramid

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Day 25

Crazy 5's Tabata!

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Day 26

600 Rep Challenge!

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