You are beautiful! No questions asked. To further your “beautification” process you are looking for a 30-Day Women’s workout plan to help you get back in skinny jeans. Well, you came to the right place. Let me tell you why.

Not only am I a physician/trainer, but also have amazing women in my life that break things down for me from time to time (ok, frequently!). Every now and then, things happen and we fall off track with our diet and exercise habits. The result — weight gain. When you gain weight, you lose the skinny jeans.

And we need to do something about this!

You will enjoy this 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan to Get Back in Skinny Jeans plan because I will give you goals and tips for each day to accomplish. Along with the advice, you will have a workout routine to complete that will help you burn calories and tone your core and legs. This 30-Day workout plan will be challenging, but no more than you need. I’m not a fan of fad diets or magical fat burning moves. I am simply a believer in doing things right so you not only improve your physique now, but also develop habits to keep things tight.

Take that leap. Make a 30-Day commitment and get back into your skinny jeans because you deserve it!

30-Day Women’s Workout Plan

As always, check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to participate in this 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan to Get Back in Skinny Jeans. 

Today you will not be performing any scheduled workout routine. Today’s challenge is to READ!!! Learn more about weight loss. Read these today:

  1. Weight Loss Involves Simple Science
  2. Listen for the Click
  3. Mindful Eating
  4. The 9 Food Groups

If you are serious about making these changes, this first step is a must!

Don’t Hide Your Legs Workout Routine – Welcome to your first workout routine of this 30-Day Workout Plan! For this workout routine, you will perform 50 or 100 repetitions of each exercise depending on your fitness level.

10-20-30 Running Cardio Workout – An introductory to high-intensity interval training! In order to burn fat, you have to perform your cardiovascular exercise at the highest intensity that you can safely perform. While this may be tough, the payoff is great! You will love the variety of this cardio workout.

Abs, Core and Back 20-Minute Circuit Workout Routine – Let’s give your legs a break to rest and recover as I am expecting that you may be a bit sore from the first few workouts! You also need to focus on core strength this month to be able to fit well into those skinny jeans!

10-20-30 Running Cardio Workout – Let’s hit this again so you can perfect your 10-20-30 running technique. Push yourself during those 10 second sprints!

Weight Loss 20-Minute Circuit Workout Routine – This workout routine will definitely help you lose weight, but remember that most of your weight loss will come from your dietary choices! Keep your portions small and don’t drink anything with additional calories in it and you will lose weight so fast it won’t even be funny!

Take a Break! – You have made it this far through your 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan to Get Back in Skinny Jeans! Keep up the good work. Remember, although you are off, keep control of your eating habits!

Healthy Monday Workout Routine – Start the second week of your 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan on the right foot with a healthy Monday workout routine! Focus on your technique and your goal today!

Interval Running Cardio Workout – Learn how to include interval training into your cardio workouts. Research has shown that more intense, but shorter runs are better in burning fat, particularly fat just underneath the skin.

Lower Body Pyramid Workout Routine – Completely exhaust your legs today in this fun Pyramid Workout format! This Pyramid Workout will burn fat throughout your entire body! It will tone your legs to another level!

Interval Running Cardio Workout – Now you are comfortable with this workout routine. Let’s do it again to bump that fat burn!

20-Minute Home Abs and Back Workout Routine – Focus today on strengthening the muscles in your abs and back. Your legs deserve a bit of rest every now and then 😉 Besides, you need to get your waist thin and tight to fit into those skinny jeans!

No Excuse 10-20-30 Cardio Workout – Finish off week 2 of the 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan strong with a 10-20-30 workout!

Take time today to congratulate yourself for making it halfway through this 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan! Your body thanks you and I bet you look and feel much better than you did 2 weeks ago! How do your legs look and feel? I bet your are closer to getting into those jeans if you haven’t already! Also, by this time, you have hopefully improved your dieting habits to the point where eating small portions of healthy food is now a habit.

20-Minute Abs, Buns and Thighs Circuit Workout Routine – Recover from the weekend with this workout! Get warmed up into the second half of this 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan!

5K Run – Nothing too fancy today. I want you to complete this 5K run at your own pace. It is important that you do this 5K run because we are going to compare it to your next cardio workout that will only take 4-minutes! Also be sure to record your time!

Lower Body Pyramid Workout Routine – Gotta love this workout! Continue through your 30-Day Women’s  Workout Plan journey with an Exercise Menu favorite!

4-Minute Tabata Cardio Workout – This will be the longest 4-minutes of your life!!! However, Tabata training is the type of high-intensity interval training that you want to perform regularly to seriously burn fat during and after your workout routine. 4 minutes will be tough if you are doing it right! But you will save tons of time today so your legs can get some rest.

20-Minute Hard Core Abs Workout – Hit your abs and back today seriously! Build core strength and tighten up your mid-section!

To check in with your diet, how are you doing?

Shadow Box Workout – Let’s try something different in the 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan to Get Back In Skinny Jeans and perform a shadow box cardio routine! If you have any frustration with anything today, punch it out!!!

REST!!! Chill out today! Get ready for your final week of the 30-Day Women’s  Workout Plan!

20-Minute Leg Circuit Workout Routine – Let’s put some more focus on your lower body today with this 20-minute leg circuit workout routine that will surely help to get into those skinny jeans. I have to say that I love circuit workout routine, particularly for this goal, because you burn calories and tone muscles all in one 20-minute workout routine!

Suicide Sprints – Learn a new high-intensity cardio workout routine! Suicide sprint is an excellent workout for toning legs and burning calories.

Have you learned by now that in order to maintain your weight loss and tone, you must do sprints?

Mountain Climbers, Tabata Style – Oh boy…. That’s all I’m going to say! How bad do you want it!

Tabata Sprints! – I’m saving you tons of time again today! You may hate me for it though…

Don’t Hide Your Legs Forever Workout – Let’s revisit this workout routine one more time! This time go for 500 reps if you didn’t the first time!

Yes! Another generous day off! Take advantage of it because you have three challenges to complete on the last three days of your 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan to Get In Skinny Jeans!

10-Minute Burpee Challenge – Talk about a challenge! Perform as many Burpees as you can in 1o minutes! You are in good enough shape now to step up to this challenge!

Lower Body Challenge Workout – Get through this as fast as you can and post your time!

5K Run – As the last challenge of this 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan to Get in Skinny Jeans, I want you to run your 5K as fast as you can so that you beat your previous 5K time!

Congratulations on completing this 30-Day Women’s Workout Plan to get in Skinny Jeans! Hopefully you have identified weaknesses in your dietary and exercise lifestyle and made improvements! Great job in getting through this commitment and I hope you continue to walk down the path of health in your now fitting skinny jeans!