While having high cholesterol is concerning, consider it feedback that your cardiovascular system needs maintenance. Having high cholesterol is similar to having a clog in the fuel line in your car. The maintenance light comes on (AKA the “high” lab result) and you may also notice that your body is not operating at full potential. So what do you do? Make a few adjustments to your lifestyle to improve your cholesterol profile. Getting back to your doctor’s recommendations, you absolutely need to improve your diet first. Once you identify improvements you can make in your diet, you can commit to a 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan!

Here is an excellent guide to help you lower your cholesterol! (After reading this guide, you should be an expert on cholesterol and how to lower it.)

Now that you know how to change you diet, we must address how to workout to lower cholesterol.cholesterol

To be honest, for some time, researchers and doctors knew that there was a correlation between exercise and lowering cholesterol, but the relationship was not clear. According to WebMD, exercise can help you lower your weight. A lower weight reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol in your blood, which is a risk for heart disease. In addition, exercise activates enzymes that remove LDL from your bloodstream to be excreted. The more you exercise, the more LDL is removed from your body. The effect of exercise on LDL reduction is significant. Some can reduce their LDL levels by as much as 10-15%!

Exercise also increases your HDL cholesterol, or the “good cholesterol.” Studies have supported an increase of about 20%!

In combination with a healthy diet, exercise clearly has a positive effect on improving your cholesterol profile. Keep this knowledge in mind as you progress through this 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan.

30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan

As always, check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to participate in this 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan. Do not stop taking medications unless directed to do so.

Today you will not be performing any scheduled workout routine. Today’s challenge is to READ!!! Learn more about cholesterol and read through the ENTIRE guide to help you lower your cholesterol. If you are serious about making these changes, this first step is a must!

Back to the Basics Workout Routine – Start your 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan right and get back to the basics of resistance training with this workout!

10-20-30 Running Cardio Workout – An introductory to high-intensity interval training! You will love the variety of this cardio workout.

10-Minute Total Body Workout Routine – A quick 10-minute workout routine that will get your blood pumpin’ and your cholesterol lower!

10-20-30 Running Cardio Workout – Let’s hit this again so you can perfect your 10-20-30 running technique.

Weight Loss 20-Minute Circuit Workout Routine – Remember, if you lose weight, you will lower your cholesterol! Today’s workout routine will wrap up your first week of the 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan! Good Job! You will enjoy tomorrow’s assignment.

Take a Break! – You have made it this far through your 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan! Keep up the good work. Remember, although you are off, keep control of your eating habits!

Healthy Monday Workout Routine – Start the second week of your 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan on the right foot with a healthy Monday workout routine!

Interval Running Cardio Workout – Learn how to include interval training into your cholesterol lowering workouts. Research has shown that more intense, but shorter runs are better than slower paced longer runs for burning fat and reducing cholesterol.

Multi-Joint Pyramid Workout Routine – Exercise virtually every muscle in your body in this fun Pyramid Workout format! The more muscle you work, the lower your cholesterol will be!

Interval Running Cardio Workout – Now you are comfortable with this workout routine. Let’s do it again to bump that cholesterol lower!

20-Minute Home Abs and Back Workout Routine – Focus today on strengthening the muscles in your abs and back. This workout routine will help to reduce your cholesterol, but will also help to improve your posture and prevent/help back pain!

No Excuse 10-20-30 Cardio Workout – Finish off week 2 of the 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan strong with a 10-20-30 workout!

Take time today to congratulate yourself for making it halfway through this 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan! Your body thanks you and I bet you look and feel much better than you did 2 weeks ago! Keep up the good work! You can finish this!

Weekend Recovery 20-Minute Workout Routine – Recover from the weekend with this workout! Get warmed up into the second half of this 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan!

5K Run – Nothing too fancy today. I want you to complete this 5K run at your own pace. It is important that you do this 5K run because we are going to compare it to your next cardio workout that will only take 4-minutes! Also be sure to record your time!

Total Body Pyramid Workout Routine – Gotta love this workout! Continue through your 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan journey with an Exercise Menu favorite!

4-Minute Tabata Cardio Workout – This will be the longest 4-minutes of your life!!! However, Tabata training is the type of high-intensity interval training that you want to perform regularly to lower your cholesterol. Do you feel as tired as you did after the 5K?

Slow-Paced Weekend Workout Routine – Let’s slow it down and get you ready for the weekend! Slower paced movements should be used  to help you build muscle. I’m not so sure that slower movements are best in reducing cholesterol, but still good to do on occassion.

Shadow Box Workout – Let’s try something different in the 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan and perform a shadow box cardio routine!

REST!!! Chill out today! Get ready for your final week of the 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan!

20-Minute Leg Circuit Workout Routine – Let’s put some focus on your lower body today with this 20-minute leg circuit workout routine that will surely help to reduce your cholesterol.

Suicide Sprints – Learn a new high-intensity cardio workout routine! Suicide sprint is an excellent workout for reducing cholesterol!

20-Minute Arm Circuit Workout Routine – We spent the first workout of the week working your legs, now give some attention to your arms!

Tabata Sprints! – I’m saving you tons of time today! You may hate me for it though…

Abs, Back and Core Workout Routine – Finish this week of the 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Challenge with a focus on strengthening your core!

Yes! Another generous day off! Take advantage of it because you have three challenges to complete on the last three days of your 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan!

10-Minute Burpee Challenge – Talk about a challenge! Perform as many Burpees as you can in 1o minutes! You are in good enough shape now to step up to this challenge!

4-Minute Mountain Climbers Tabata Challenge – This is a tough one. How bad do you want that good doctor’s report???

5K Run – As the last challenge of this 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan, I want you to run your 5K as fast as you can so that you beat your previous 5K time!

Congratulations on completing this 30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan! If you took control of your diet and make it through most/all of these workouts, your cholesterol will likely be much improved! Keep up these positive lifestyle changes!