I woke up this morning and tried to roll out of bed, and couldn’t!!! Oh my goodness, my abs and back were so sore this morning and it has been a little while since I’ve been this sore… It’s all thanks to a new 20-minute workout for SORE abs that I put together recently.

The one thing I tried differently for this 20-minute workout for SORE absĀ was to perform a light ab workout exercise, followed by a more intense couple of sets with the Ab Wheel. The workout was then concluded with a few V-Ups and then high rep Ab Twists.

The ab workout felt great when I was doing it, but was even more rewarding a day later when I was sore!

Proof of an effective workout!

Go for it!

20-Minute Sore Abs Workout!

Perform each exercise as instructed below.
Perform 3 sets of 15-20 Pilates crunches for warm up.
Perform 5 sets of Ab Wheels, going as slow as possible!!! Do as many as you can in each set.
Perform 2-3 sets of V-Ups. Do as many as you can.
Top off this workout with 3 sets of Ab Twists! Go as fast as you can, and do as many as you can in each set.