This 20-Minute Abs and Legs Workout Routine is inspired thanks to sore arms!

I have to share this with you — I am realizing that I have a problem easing into things. The winter and all of the cold weather we had this year set me back a bit. I was mostly consistent, but didn’t lift as heavy as I usually do. The first wave of warm weather came through New Orleans yesterday, and I went a bit nuts! Call it cabin fever… But I have to say that the 75 degree weather swooned me into taking my workout to the next level. The problem is that I exponentially increased the amount that I lifted and intensity in one day, only to find that I am now too sore to do anything with my arms. Self teaching point — I really need to learn how to ease into things to avoid hurting myself. The good news; however, is that this 20-Minute Abs and Legs Workout Routine is born from my lack of insight!

This workout is designed in the circuit format, meaning that you will do as many repetitions of each exercise for one minute, and then move on to the next one. The circuit will be repeated 4 times.

It’s quick and only require a single dumbbell or resistance band. If you don’t have a dumbbell, you can use anything with a little weight to it, like a gallon of water.


20-Minute Abs and Legs Workout

Do as many repetition of each exercise for 1 minute. Try your best not to take a break between exercises. Repeat the circuit 4 times.
Perform for 30 seconds on each side.
Twist is out for 1 minute!
Squat as low as you can into a deep stretch, and then extend your body to the fullest!
Master your core!
Finish with a classic! Alternate legs each lunge.

Enjoy your workout today 😉