Finally! The 10-20-30 running workout is being backed by science. Research is continuing to show the benefit for interval training to improve aerobic performance.

There is no need to run aimlessly for a given time period anymore! The old methods of running must be changed. It’s like this — when it comes getting in the best physical shape, you cannot run like a car on cruise control. And that makes sense! When you put your car on cruise control, you stay “cruising” at 65 and you burn less fuel or gas. However, if you drive “crazy” (speed up, and slow down often) your miles per gallon average will be extremely low, because you will be burning more fuel. Think about running this way. In order to burn more fuel, or calories, run slow for a little bit, speed it up for a few seconds then sprint for a couple of seconds. Keep repeating this cycle and your body will have to adjust to improve your aerobic performance and fat burn potential. It all makes so much sense and I am glad that research is now available to back up the 10-20-30 running workout.

How to 10-20-30 Run

You can’t get much simpler than this workout. Your run at a low, comfortable pace for 30 seconds, run at a moderate pace for 20 seconds then sprint for 10 seconds. Do this circuit 5 times, and then rest for 2 minutes. Workout for a total of 20-30 minutes and you are done!

Don’t have a stopwatch? Just use driveways. Run 3 driveways at a low pace, 2 at a moderate pace and sprint to the next driveway. Again, that simple.

Not only is 10-20-30 running effective for your health, it is also fun to do. It breaks up the monotony of running at the same pace for 30 minutes. Try this workout an I guarantee that you will feel as beat as your normal constant pace run. The difference — you will get more benefit.

Don’t waste another day of running without a purpose. 10-20-30 running is the key to getting in the aerobic shape that you want to get in.

If you are a follower of Exercise Menu, you also know that I am a big fan of the Exercise Menu Fast Pace Workout. Alternate between these two, or simply choose the one that you enjoy the most and you can’t go wrong!