Clearly, I am a big fan of the 500 rep workout. I have no doubts that if you stick to performing a 500 rep workout routine at least twice per week, you will get the toned, lean, strong body that you want. The basic principle of the 500 rep workout is muscle fatigue in little time. It really is that simple. Here are more reasons why you should make the 500 rep workout the base of your workout foundation.

  1. You need direction. If you are looking for a clear path explaining exactly what you should do, this is the route you should take. You can’t get much simpler than the 500 rep workout. All you have to do is choose 5 exercise and perform 100 total reps of each exercise, of course, not all at once. You can break it up into multiple sets when you need to. Or, you can perform 50 reps of 10 different exercises from the Exercise Menu exercise video list or make up workouts from exercises that you love.
  2. It works.  The point of the 500 rep workout is to work your muscles to fatigue. If you don’t, they won’t grow or get stronger! This principle is based on the high intensity training theory, or HIT training, that scientific research supports. You can’t workout  just to say you did something. It has to have a purpose, and to completely tire your muscles with each workout is your purpose. The 500 rep workout helps you get there.
  3. Feel accomplished. This is the kind of workout you can brag about finishing! Not only will you feel better physically, psychologically, you will also feel like you achieved something meaningful. How many times have you gone for a walk and wondered if you wasted your time? Trust me… Even if you can’t make it through a full 500 rep workout, you will feel good for stepping up to the challenge.
  4. Join the club! Be part of the 500 rep workout family and join others who are also challenging themselves to stay healthy with a solid, research-proven workout. You are not alone in this battle to stay healthy, and you shouldn’t be.

Convinced? Take a look at the many 500 rep workouts you can choose from!