You can really get a lot done in 10-minutes when it comes to planning a thigh focused workout routine. In 10 minutes, you can build up a nice burn and significantly improve your thigh muscle strength, particularly if this thigh focused workout or similar ones are revisited a few times each week.

Particularly, if you want to keep your knees healthy for the long run, a thigh focused workout routine should be regularly included into your workout plans. To explain, strong thighs release a lot of tension from your knees that occurs when standing, walking, running, jumping or performing other types of physical activities. So strong thighs not only look good when you rock your shorts, but also are really important in keeping your knees healthy.

Today, we are going to perform a 10-Minute Thigh Focused Workout Routine to build up the muscles in your upper leg, improve lower body endurance and preserve your precious knees.

Enjoy this thigh focused workout!

10-Minute Thigh Focused Workout Routine

Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Try to avoid taking any breaks if possible.

Hold for the entire minute! Make sure you breathe!

Push it! Do as many as you can!

Do 30 seconds on each side. 

Don’t hate me! Alternate legs on each jump.

“It’s a fire!” Go as fast as you can.

Repeat the circuit one more time!