Many prenatal resources exist on the web, and many are good! However, after spending some time reviewing the best resources, this 10-Minute Prenatal Yoga Sequence was the best that I have come across so far.

As far as prenatal yoga is concernced, I’m sure that it is no surprise that it is safe great for you to do! Yoga will not only improve stress and physical pain, but research suggests that prenatal yoga can also decrease the amount of time you spend in labor!

In addition to the medical benefits of prenatal yoga, you can also use these 10-minutes to simply bond with your baby, adjust to your many new sensations and reflect on the miracle of life. You may even feel your baby trying some of the poses in your belly!

While there are no official recommendations to how often to perform prenatal yoga, doing this simple 10-minute prenatal yoga routine daily is probably optimal, but at least plan to perform a yoga routine at least 2-3 times per week. As always, check with your doctor and don’t overdo it.

FitSugar provides this excellent video that is well done. I am sure you will enjoy this simple 10-Minute Prenatal Yoga Sequence!

10-Minute Prenatal Yoga Sequence